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Primary Years Programme

developing caring, lifelong learners

Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5
Primary Years Programme
Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5
Middle Years Programme

challenging students to connect their studies to the real world

Grade 6 to Grade 10
Middle Years Programme
Grade 6 to Grade 10
Diploma Programme

preparing students for success at university and beyond

Grade 11 and Grade 12
Diploma Programme
Grade 11 and Grade 12
Senior Boys Soccer Team Brings Home Bronze in Provincials

The Meadowridge Senior Boys Soccer team rounds up their perfect season of league play in a near-perfect performance at provincials. With 16 teams from across the province representing their districts at provincials, our Senior Boys came away with Bronze.

Kids Helping Kids: The Grade 4 Kids for Kids' Rights Fair

If you pass by the Grade 4 classes this week, expect to see a hubbub of activity: students designing posters, pricing toys and books, testing-out carnival games, and crafting all sorts of wares. With just a few short days before the Kids for Kids' Rights Fair, the excitement is expected...

we are Leaders

Olivia Maddigan, '17

I believe that part of being a good leader is knowing when to "do" and when to "delegate". By nature, I am really a "doer". However, I have learned through experience that almost all of the time, delegating responsibilities leads to the best outcomes.

“Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results…" I keep this mantra in mind whenever I'm acting in a position of leadership. If something isn't working, change strategies.”

we are Caring

Tamara Warner, Faculty

Ms. Tamara Warner is one of the foundation builders, and for a few years now she has seen her first batches of students graduate. Hired in August 2000, Ms. Warner taught Grade 1 for seven years before moving to Kindergarten, from which she never wants to leave.

“What keeps me at Meadowridge are the personal and emotional connections. I am an emotional person, and the genuine feeling of belonging is so strong here.”

we are Inquirers

Avio Diniz, Faculty

Meadowridge students are full of joy, eager to learn, natural inquiries and have genuine care about others and our environment.

“They truly exemplify the IB Learner Profile attributes wonderfully.”

Our School Mission Statement

Learning to live well, with others and for others, in a just community


Our Mission is woven into our everyday actions and interactions. It acknowledges the importance of positive interactions with others and in seeking to better the community as we better ourselves.

It looks beyond gender, nationality, culture, and class. It guides staff, administration, students, and families to meet responsibilities and fulfill dreams.

Meadowridge Open House

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our campus, our city, our home

Visit Us and See For Yourself.