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Learning Math In the Headmaster's Backyard... Where Else But Meadowridge?

If you've never heard this next phrase uttered, you're probably not a Math teacher: when will I ever use this in real life?

We all agree that Math is important, but when faced with a problem we can't quite figure out, our immediate reaction is to denounce its rightful place in the world. Learn how Mr. Rinn is putting an end to Math's longest running fallacy... and yes, it involves a trip to Mr. Burke's home!

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An Inquiry Into Home Cooking for Students: Ved's Grade 10 Personal Project

When you think about wholesome, home-cooked meals, you don't typically think of them being served up by a 16-year-old. For teenagers, the common belief is this: if it's not instant, canned, frozen, or ready in under three-steps, then it's beyond the realm of their culinary competence. You can imagine people's surprise, then, when they happened upon the personal project of Grade 10 Student Ved V., who was not only cooking up delicious and fresh foods from scratch, but empowering his peers to do the same.

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Our Playgrounds: The Key to Health & Wellness

When children have a great playground, it changes their whole day, and their whole health. They get outside and into fresh air; they get to move and stretch; they get to interact and to play together: It forms the basis of their life at school.

The playgrounds at Meadowridge are very large; they are zoned; they are biodiverse; they have places to sit, jump, hang, run, tumble, sing, climb, hide, gambol, play, build, create and just hang out. They link to gardens and to forest. They are our commitment to our children, not just to educate, but to care for them in the most thoughtful of ways.

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What Becomes Possible With Robotics in the Mix?

It's early morning—still dark, in fact—and the weather is less than ideal; the snowfall has just begun, and it's hammering down. Braving the elements, our four robotics competitors arrive one-by-one. For them, the day is just getting started. The team piles into club leader Ms. Carrie Mohoruk's car, along with co-leader Mr. Darrell Lester, and head for the ferries. Their final destination? The FIRST LEGO league competition in Victoria.

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