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Primary Years Programme

developing caring, lifelong learners

Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5
Primary Years Programme
Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5
Middle Years Programme

challenging students to connect their studies to the real world

Grade 6 to Grade 10
Middle Years Programme
Grade 6 to Grade 10
Diploma Programme

preparing students for success at university and beyond

Grade 11 and Grade 12
Diploma Programme
Grade 11 and Grade 12
girl in metallic jacket in the forest raising a green tarp

Exploring settlements in Grade 2. Showing us the shapes and sizes and distances between places, maps are usually a place for answers. In Grade 2, however, they take on a new life – not giving answers, but raising questions instead. 

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we are Knowledgeable

Lindsey Oneil, Faculty

How do you teach a group of Grade 10 about financial literacy and budgeting? When it came time to plan her class' financial management unit, Ms. Oneil decided to find something that would give students a taste of what it's really like, something with real-world choices and consequences.

we are Caring

Alice L., Class of 2020

When Alice L. (Grade 10) started planning for her Personal Project, she hoped to dispel the misconceptions most people have about the homeless. She began her project in September, holding up a sign and inviting homeless people to come speak to her, and then published her findings in a book, Longing For Warmth

we are Open-Minded

James Willms, OE3 Coordinator

What is an Outdoor Experiential Educational Coordinator (OE3)? Get a quick peek on how Mr. Willms helps to make our OE3 program happen at Meadowridge.

Our School Mission Statement

Learning to live well, with others and for others, in a just community


Our Mission is woven into our everyday actions and interactions. It acknowledges the importance of positive interactions with others and in seeking to better the community as we better ourselves.

It looks beyond gender, nationality, culture, and class. It guides staff, administration, students, and families to meet responsibilities and fulfill dreams.

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our campus, our city, our home

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