Aerial photo of Meadowridge School with forest and mountains in the background

Fast Facts

Campus Size
27 Acres


Maple Ridge
British Columbia, Canada

International Baccalaureate
British Columbia Ministry of Education


Grades Offered
Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12

School Size
661 Students

Faculty & Staff
110+ Full-Time & Part-Time

Mission Statement
Learning to live well, with others and for others, in a just community


Welcome to Meadowridge

A message from our Head of School

Our school is an International Baccalaureate (IB) Continuum World School, accredited through multiple organizations. We celebrate teaching and learning through the most balanced, demanding, and international curriculum in the world, and have built a culture which enables it: a community of families who believe that children best learn in a culture of conscious caring, academic challenge, clear and high expectation, constant communication, intercultural understanding, collaboration with families, creative teaching, and inviting and open facilities. We live what we teach, and model what we believe – and we do it together with our families.

This allows a process of learning through inquiry, learning through experience, learning which becomes personalized, and learning about ourselves, our community, and our world. It develops young adults who, as leaders, understand that the way to excellence involves understanding and working with and for others, and who have developed the skills, knowledge, and dispositions to be able to engage with complex issues in intercultural settings, with a foundation of fairness and just treatment of all.

Welcome to Meadowridge, more than a school, but a community of learners and an expression of common values.

To become people who are knowledgeable and fair and balanced requires that their school continually models a commitment to knowledge, fairness, and balance. To become adults who know how to work alongside others from many cultures requires that, in their school, they learn and live within an intercultural community. Our school is designed to help families encourage children to aspire to become the leaders of tomorrow, to be people who love complexity, who insist upon excellence, and who live in kindness and understanding towards others.

As you first encounter our school, I want to encourage you to speak with our children, teachers, staff, and families. Ask about the ways in which we engage children, and the ways that we structure experiential learning. Inquire about the balance in our timetables of classroom time with time for athletics, arts, service, play, and social engagement. We are a school which values academic achievement, but also one which insists on our children living well, living balanced lives, and flourishing within a community.

Welcome to Meadowridge, more than a school, but a community of learners and an expression of common values.

Hugh Burke, Headmaster

Headmaster's Reports