Meadowridge Board of Governors

Meadowridge School was started by a group of parents looking for a different educational option for their children. These early parents formed the first Meadowridge School Board of Governors in 1985.

Our Board of Governors is still run by a group of volunteer parents and community members committed to the Mission, Vision, and advancement of Meadowridge School. The Meadowridge Board of Governors governs the Meadowridge School Society, which is a registered society incorporated under the Societies Act of British Columbia with its own constitution and bylaws. Our Board is responsible for the financial well-being and strategic direction of our school. We are thankful for the guidance of our Board members and their dedication to Meadowridge.

Meadowridge is a not-for-profit. What is that?

Not-for-profit organizations are defined as those institutions that assist the government by providing services to its citizens.

Being a not-for-profit does not keep an organization from making a profit, but these profits must be used to further the purpose of the organization. This is the essential difference between not-for-profit organizations and their for-profit counterparts. 

Meadowridge School is an incorporated not-for-profit organization established as a legal entity. We may hold assets, borrow money, incur legal liability and limit the personal liability of our directors. Incorporated not-for-profits in Canada are exempt from income tax.

More information on Not-For-Profits

Does anyone own the school?

Meadowridge is a not-for-profit and not a private entity and thus is not owned by any one individual, group of individuals, or corporation

As a not-for-profit Meadowridge School is an entity of the Meadowridge School Society and governed by our Board of Governors.

Are Board Members paid or volunteer?

Our Board of Governors is made up of volunteers (non-paid) community members, including current parents, past parents, alumni parents, and alumni.

As per the Societies Act: "Board members of not-for-profit organizations cannot accept compensation in any form for the work that they do. All members act as volunteers."

They dedicate many hours to ensure the proper oversight and governance of our school.

How do Board Members get elected?

All Board Members are elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Meadowridge School Society by voting from School Society Members. 

What are the Board Committees?

Parents, teachers and other members of the community are often invited to sit on the following Board Committees:

Executive Committee
Finance Committee
Governance Committee
Nominations Committee

Head Support & Evaluation Committee

What is the Board responsible for?

At Meadowridge School, the Board of Governors is responsible for the strategic direction of the school and has only one employee, which is the Headmaster.

The Headmaster is responsible for the day to day operations of the school and employs staff to work towards the Mission and Vision as set out by the Board of Governors.

The Board has the right to make bylaws or rules about its operation. These bylaws are normally approved by the members. Bylaws should not conflict with anything in the Companies Act and may deal with the following:

membership rules;
functions, duties, appointment and removal of officers;
time, place, quorum, and procedures for meetings;
record keeping arrangements;
voting procedures;
borrowing powers;
audit of financial records, if applicable;
fiscal year-end;
confidentiality clause;
amendment of bylaws;

Board Communications

School Financials

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The Board of Governors is composed of up to 15 members who represent current parents, past families, alumni, and the community at large. Board Members are elected at the Annual General Meeting for renewable three-year terms, which expire on a rotating basis to provide continuity from year to year.

Lance Leger

Board Chair

Class of 2024 & Class of 2027

Service on the Board
7 Years

Business Owner & Investor

Susan Waugh


Alumni Parent
Class of 2014 & Class of 2015

Service on the Board
13 Years

Masumi Smith

Board Secretary

Class of 2026 & Class of 2028

Service on the Board
4 Years

Engineering Consultant

Craig Gunning


Class of 2022

Service on the Board
7 Years

Commercial Banking

Daniel Gouws

Past Chair

Parent & Alumni Parent
Class of 2021,  Class of 2014 & Class of 2011 

Service on the Board
15 Years

Occupational Medicine

Tim Coleman

Past Parent

Service on the Board
3 Years

Mining & Rock Mechanics

Kelly Fry

Class of 2019 & Class of 2024

Service on the Board
13 Years


Candace Gottschalk '00

Alumnus & Parent
Class of 2031 & Class of 2033

Service on the Board
First Year


Jessie Hill

Alumni Parent
Class of 2013, Class of 2015 & Class of 2017

Service on the Board
8 Years

Steven Just '05

Class of 2005

Service on the Board
1 Year


Tina Lee

Class of 2021 & Class of 2026

Service on the Board
First Year

Business Owner

Penny Pan

Class of 2023

Service on the Board
2 Years

Real Estate