School Leadership

Photo of a family around a staircase

Pictured, Mr. Burke (second from right) surrounded by his family at their home

Meet Our Headmaster
Mr. Hugh Burke

Often, we have people tour our school, thinking about investing in an education for their children. Such tours are conducted by our student ambassadors, and we often receive comments about how direct, polite, thoughtful, and friendly they are. Most parents want their children to be just like the students who conducted the tour. It is our best guide to how others see us: their delight in meeting our students.

The students behave the way they do, of course, because families and the school share values, because we come to know each other, because we insist on similar things, because we stay involved with each other, and because virtually everyone here is noticed and is important.

We are attached, all of us: old and young, students, teachers, parents, and staff, joined in the common cause of education that will make a difference to our children, and a difference to the world they will inherit and will lead. We have a community of concern, and one that will help our children to grow into fine young adults. It is a pleasure to watch my own children grow up within this fine community, and I know I share this pleasure with the parents of all of our students from Junior Kindergarten through to Grade 12.

Hugh Burke, Headmaster

Pictured, Mr. Scott Banack with his wife Stacy and their two children.

Mr. Scott Banack has been named the incoming Head of School beginning July 2021. Please click  here to read more about the announcement from the Meadowridge Board of Governors. 

Meet Our Deputy Headmaster
Mr. Scott Banack

For those that I have not already met, my name is Scott Banack and I am the Deputy Headmaster at Meadowridge School. Having been part of the Meadowridge community since 2009, I have worked as a teacher, MYP coordinator, and most recently, the Middle School Principal. I have had the opportunity to work with many of the very dedicated and motivated Meadowridge community.

Throughout my 20+ years of experience as an educator, I have been fortunate to work at some of the best schools around the world. I started my career in rural Alberta, before heading overseas to work as a teacher and administrator in Turkey, the Philippines, and Venezuela. My wife Stacy, a teacher at Meadowridge, and I decided to move closer to home after our son Ethan was born. That’s when we found Meadowridge and it has become such an important component of our family. We’ve brought both Ethan and our daughter, Adele, to Meadowridge and it has become their second home. Our connection runs deep, with great friends, colleagues, and peers. It is impossible to accurately describe in words, as this is a community that needs to be experienced to be truly appreciated.

Our school’s mission, learning to live well, with and for others, in a just community, resonates with our community’s desire to do more. We are driven to have a profoundly positive impact on our world. We begin to accomplish this through a series of strategic and thoughtful experiences, often involving our natural environment, collaboration with our peers, and creative and critical problem solving. I am consistently impressed by our students not only for what they are able to accomplish, but the integrity, honor, pride, resilience, and compassion they display while reaching these great heights.

I am energized by the thoughts of a new school year, filled with promise, excitement, nervous energy, and an eternal optimism. I look forward to building this community alongside all of you.

Best regards,
Scott Banack 
Deputy Headmaster