Strategic Direction | 2023-2028
Compassion. Connections. Collaboration. Integrity.

Meadowridge cares for many futures – the future of our students, teachers, staff, parents, families, our School, and world. It’s a pleasure to share with you Our Vision, Our Plan, Our Future: Meadowridge School Strategic Plan for 2023 to 2028, which reflects the collaborative efforts of so many people. From your input as a student, parent, alumni, faculty, staff, an administrative leader, Board Member, or friend of the School, these next chapters of our future were charted with your guidance.

This process has reaffirmed that Meadowridge is headed in a well-supported, impactful, and mission-aligned direction. Our Strategic Plan builds on the strengths of our School and outlines initiatives that will enhance our offerings and further our Mission and our Vision, upheld by our Values which serve as a guiding compass. We will continue to deliver outstanding teaching and learning experiences so that when our students graduate, they are equipped to not only meet the future, but also to create it.

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Foundational Elements:

Knowing that change is the only certainty, we thoughtfully engage with new challenges, opportunities, and possibilities, so that we may both meet and create the future. The key foundational elements of our School upon which we build our strategic initiatives are:

Our People & Community

Our School is comprised of people who care - where individuals are noticed and known. We learn with others to create a compassionate, caring, and welcoming community.

Our Programs & Academics

We are an enriched learning community that strives to engage the head (intellectual), heart (emotional), and hands (physical), to provide a balanced, rigorous, and meaningful experience. 

Our Environment & Facilities

Our purpose-built facilities, and thoughtful relationship with the land, provide opportunities for diverse experiences and enriched teaching, and learning.

Our Leadership & Governance

Governed by a strategic and mission-driven Board, our leaders use collaborative and informed decision-making processes that promote agency and reflective practices.

Strategic Initiatives

With our foundation understood, we are motivated and focused on advancing and improving, over the next five years, in the following areas:


1. Diversity & Inclusivity

Our practices and programs will directly connect our Mission with our support of diversity and inclusivity. We will investigate, plan, and implement programs and initiatives that increase awareness and understanding for our students, staff, and community.


4. Our Campus Master Plan

We will expand our world-class facility and develop our campus to both support our robust and comprehensive academic program and provide a safe, nurturing environment for our diverse community.


2. Environmental Stewardship & Regeneration

We will model regenerative sustainability and connect with the natural world by building capacity and enhancing our programs, further developing our institutional practices, and actively connecting with the broader community.


5. Financial Stability, Sustainability, & Predictability

Through responsible financial practices, we will remain stable and predictable, allowing for the delivery and growth of our programs, facilities, and resources.


3. Retention & Recruitment

We will continue to engage faculty and staff who are qualified, skilled, highly motivated, and committed to our Mission and Vision. Our staff with feel connected to our community and know that their work is both meaningful and valued.

Our Mission

Learning to live well,
with others and for others,
in a just community.

Our Mission is a unique one - a moral calling that guides everything we do at the School.

The Mission is ingrained in the way we work, the way decisions are made, and the way we plan for our future. In short, Our Mission and Vision define who we are, what we experience, where we grow, and how we learn.

Our Vision

People are drawn to our school from around the world. In the spirit of active collaboration with teachers, peers, and our community, we learn how to care for ourselves and for others.

Knowing that change is the only certainty, we engage with challenging and complex questions effectively and creatively. Through outstanding teaching, programs, and facilities, Meadowridge develops in us the confidence not only to meet the future, but also to create it.



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