MYP Curriculum

The Middle Years Programme (MYP) encourages students to become creative, critical, and reflective thinkers. The MYP, like all IB Programmes, is transdisciplinary, meaning students investigate big ideas while learning concepts and skills which have relevance within specific disciplines and across subject areas.

In the MYP, you’ll notice that students are the centre of learning, and that learning is explicitly linked to the real world: students learn how to learn, how to draw connections between all subject groups, and how to apply those connections to the world around them.

Well-roundedness is a tenant of all IB Programmes, but it comes alive in the MYP. In each subject, teachers design units that relate to one another through content, topics, assessments, and global contexts.

Subject Group Details

Language Studies

Language Acquisition

In Language Acquisition, students learn language through linguistic and academic challenge. Students learn to communicate through oral, written, and visual means.

At Meadowridge, all students study in English. They also learn an additional language through our Language Acquisition classes. In grades 6 and 7, students study both French and Spanish concurrently. In grade 8, students choose to study either French or Spanish more in-depth. Courses are taught in phases, which allows students to enter at any year in the MYP and still be taught at a developmentally appropriate level.

Language & Literature

Language & Literature

In Language and Literature, students interact with and provide insight into an array of text: moral, social, economic, political, cultural, and environmental.

Inquiry is at the heart of Language and Literature, and students work both independently and collaboratively while investigating, reflecting, and generating visual, written, and oral communications.

Through study of literature and language, students develop intercultural understanding and respect for their responsibilities as local, national, and global citizens.

At Meadowridge, our students study Language and Literature as part of an integrated course with Individuals and Societies from grades 6 through 9. In grade 10, the course is offered separately to prepare students for BC provincial exams.

Individuals & Society

Individuals and Societies

In Individuals and Societies, students explore subjects traditionally studied in humanities, as well as the disciplines in the social sciences.

The focus is on the real-world, and students inquire into historical and contemporary factors which have impacted us as both individuals and as a society: geography, politics, culture, economy, religion, and technology.

At Meadowridge, our students study Language and Literature as part of an integrated course with Individuals and Societies from grades 6 through 9. In grade 10, the course is offered separately to prepare students for BC provincial exams.



In Mathematics, students explore concepts through inquiry and application, learning to represent information, explore and model situations, and find solutions to familiar and unfamiliar problems.

Through study of numbers, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, and probability, students develop problem solving techniques that transcend the discipline and are applicable in the world beyond the classroom.

At Meadowridge, students work diligently through a challenging curriculum that exceeds the BC Ministry outcomes in breadth and depth.



In Design, students learn from a practical, hands-on perspective.

By experiencing a complete design cycle, students apply practical and creative thinking skills to solve design problems, explore the role of design historically and contemporarily, and consider their responsibility as designer when making decisions and taking action.

At Meadowridge, Design is learned by all students in grades 6 through 9.


The Arts

In the Arts, students function both as artist and learners of the arts, learning to convey feelings, experiences, and ideas through performance, creation, and presentation; at the same time, they learn to challenge perceptions and develop creative and analytical skills for reflection and understanding.

Students learn to challenge and enrich personal identity and build awareness of the aesthetic in a real-world context.

At Meadowridge, all students in grades 6 through 8 study a rotation of the arts, which includes one term of Visual Arts, Drama, and Music. In grades 9 and 10, students select one of the arts to pursue with greater depth.

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In Sciences, students investigate real examples – both independently and collaboratively – to discover the tensions and dependencies between the sciences and morality, ethics, culture, economics, politics, and the environment.

Students investigate issues through research, observation, and experimentation.

Through study of science, learners develop critical and creative thinking about research and design, including identifying assumptions and generating alternate explanations.

At Meadowridge, students take an integrated science course from grade 6 to 10 that is taught by science specialists. While a variety of science topics are used (environmental, life, physical, sport, health, chemical, and earth), it is the inquiry process that is central to these and facilitate the transfer of knowledge.

Physical & Health Education

Physical & Health Education

In Physical and Health Education, students learn to appreciate the value of physical activity and develop the motivation for making healthy life choices. Physical and Health Education is taught so that students learn about and learn through physical activity.

Students develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes which contribute to a healthy and balanced lifestyle: a balanced lifestyle which includes a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

At Meadowridge, Physical and Health Education is a critical element of a well-rounded learner. All students in the MYP participate in PHE, and have additional requirements for physical and activity outside of their courses.

Subject Groups

Students across the MYP learn through eight subject groups:
  • Language Acquisition
  • Language and Literature
  • Individuals and Society
  • Mathematics
  • Design
  • Arts
  • Sciences
  • Physical and Health Education