What is a Meadowridge Education?

Our program challenges our students to find out more about their own beliefs, their own bodies, and society. When students graduate, they are equipped to deal with the complex realities of life, where critical thinking is at a premium. They are trained to question: how could this be better?

Early Learning

Ages 4 to 6

Middle School

Grade 6 to Grade 8

High School

Grade 9 to Grade 12

Well-Rounded, Inquiry Based, World Education

We are proud to offer the International Baccalaureate Continuum of education. Inquiry is the primary means by which our students learn: children learn best when they are asking questions, they learn best through experience, and they learn best when they pursue answers for an extended period and tying that with math and science, reading and writing, poetry and art.

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High School Meadowridge student working on a laptop with friends next to her

Full of Outdoor & Experiential Opportunities

Meadowridge offers a learning space unlike anywhere else; here, you’ll find a west-coast playground where students and teachers have over 27 acres designed for experiential learning, practical exploration, physical activity, and mental wellness.

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Elementary aged children sitting on the edge of a garden box on a sunny day with clipboards in hand smiling at the camera

Explorative Academics to Strengthen the Mind

Inquiry is developmental, and is tied in to more traditional learning – sometimes through rote, sometimes through practice, sometimes through listening. The difference is in the way that learning is framed. Inquiry learning is guided by larger questions, which frame the direct instruction. In every unit of instruction, the children have a guiding question which they seek to answer. At the younger grades, the question is generated by the teacher, and smaller questions arise from the students. In older grades, we expect students to generate their own questions, and to personalize their learning.

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Close-up of a hand with a paintbrush working on a colourful dot painting

Performing & Visual Arts to Grow Passions

Students learn through creative expression: they learn to understand and to analyze, to problem solve and to self-express, and they learn about themselves and about the world around them. Our program is designed for students to get hands-on – to function both artist and learner of the arts – through a robust visual and performing arts program.

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Wide-shot of students on an experiential outdoor trip canoeing on a large lake with mountains in the background

Community of Care

At the heart of all we do at Meadowridge is our Mission Statement, learning to live well, with others and for others, in a just community. We have created a just community within the school – one that is shaped by caring and trust, and also clarity of expectation and rules. We teach our students how to care for themselves, because a balanced and happy life is critical to their future. Students also learn to care for others, because a successful future is one in which common welfare is shared by all.

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