Applying to Meadowridge

We are a school which values academic achievement, but also one which insists on our children living well, living balanced lives, and flourishing within a community. Welcome to Meadowridge, more than a school, but a community of learners and an expression of common values.

The search for the right school is an exciting time – it’s your chance to raise important questions and make decisions as a family: what matters to us? why does it matter? will my children be happy? At Meadowridge, we look forward to helping answer these questions.

For us, it’s all about finding the right fit; we want each child admitted to our school to thrive – academically, emotionally, and socially – and to be happy.

About Meadowridge

Meadowridge is an International Baccalaureate (IB) Continuum World School. We celebrate teaching and learning through the most balanced, demanding, and international curriculum in the world, and have built a culture which enables it.

We live what we teach, and model what we believe – and we do it together with our families.

As you get to know Meadowridge, speak with our children, teachers, staff, and families.

Ask about the ways in which we engage children, and the ways that we structure experiential learning.

Inquire about the balance in our timetables of classroom time with time for athletics and arts and service and play and social engagement.

Where to start on your search?

When searching for the right school, we encourage families to consider important elements which have significant influence on both the vision of the school – the long-term plans – and the day-to-day interactions, those which will shape your children as they live and learn in the classroom and community.

What is the school’s mission and vision for learning?
What is the curriculum offered?
What co-curriculars are avaliable?
What is the community like?

We look forward to helping you explore these questions, and each unique question thereafter, as you consider Meadowridge.

Phone: 604.467.4444

Application Deadline for all Junior Kindergarten & Kindergarten
November 30, 2019

Application Deadline for Grade 1 to Grade 11
December 31, 2019


Primary Student Hugging a Plush Gryph

At Meadowridge we don't believe in perfect students, we believe in passionate students. High grades may be enough for some; here we expect more.

Fast Facts

Campus Size
27 Acres


Maple Ridge
British Columbia, Canada

International Baccalaureate
British Columbia Ministry of Education


Grades Offered
Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12

School Size
630 Students

Faculty & Staff
115+ Full-Time & Part-Time

Learning to live well, with others and for others, in a just community