International Applications

Meadowridge School is proud to welcome students from all over the world. As an International Baccalaureate World School, we embrace all cultures and strive to foster an international student body.

Who is an International Student?

International Students are those who:

  • Require a Visa to live and study in Canada
  • Are not a Permanent Resident of Canada
  • Do not possess a Canadian Passport or PR Card

English Language Proficiency

Demonstrated English proficiency is critically important for admission to Meadowridge School.

All learning, with exception for our language courses, are conducted in English. Although many of our students have a mother tongue other than English, Meadowridge School's lingua franca is English.

Meadowridge will, however, accept exceptional applicants where minimal language assistance is needed. This is assuming the assessment process has been successful and the parent/guardian pays for any additional resources necessary to assist the student.

Applicants requiring additional English language study and more development will be asked to apply at a later time when their english proficiency has improved.

Homestay Information

Meadowridge is a non-boarding facility; it is the parent/guardian's responsibility to ensure that your child has appropriate accommodations.

We will require a letter at the time of acceptance stating what arrangements have been made in this regard. It is the parent/guardian's sole responsibility to arrange for the Student Visa.


EduTour Canada Homestay

As Meadowridge is a non-boarding facility our international students may require a homestay. If you require a homestay during your time in Canada we will be happy to set up a referral.

Currently Meadowridge refers students to EduTour, a Canadian owned company providing programs for international students visiting Canada from abroad.

For more information on their homestay program or to fill out an application, please download the information and forms provided.


Edutour InformationHomestay FeesHomestay Application


Additional Application Requirements

Additional Application Requirements

On top of the Application Requirements outlined here, International Applications are required to complete the following:

Report Cards
We are unable to offer acceptance at Meadowridge without report cards. All applicants are given the same age-appropriate assessment test and are evaluated on the same set of criteria.

Phone or Online Interview
If the applicant is unable to come to Canada for an initial interview one must be conducted via phone or online.

Study Visa & Government Documets
If your application is accepted and you accept the Offer of Enrolment, it is the student and families responsibility to obtain the proper Visa for studying in Canada.

Once all fees have been paid, a Letter of Acceptance will be issued by the School. Please use this letter to apply for your study permit through your home country. The study permit must be forwarded to the Admissions Office prior to your arrival in Canada.

Please visit the Citizenship & Immigration Canada website for more information.

International Tuition & Fees

International Tuition & Fees

For a break-down of tuition and fees for international applicants and students, please click the button below.

International Tuition & Fees