Grade 10 Scholarships

We are pleased to offer scholarship opportunities for secondary school students who wish to complete their senior years at Meadowridge.

Meadowridge is an ideal choice for any student with post-secondary aspirations. Our last two graduating class were offered over $900,000 in provincial and university scholarships.

However, we recognize that many students with strong academic records may not have the financial means to explore all the educational options available. In order to continue attracting well-rounded students, Meadowridge has introduced academic scholarships for students who may wish to consider Meadowridge as an option for their Grade 10 studies.

Following their Grade 10 year, students who continue to meet the academic standards of their scholarship will be eligible for a similar scholarship for Grades 11 and 12. It is our hope that all successful scholarship recipients will stay on to graduate from Meadowridge and join the rest of our alumni in pursuing the post-secondary options of their dreams.

The criteria for consideration of the Meadowridge Grade 10 Academic Scholarship are as follows:

  • Acceptance will be based on Grade 8 to 9 marks; minimum 80% average for application to be considered.
  • Additional consideration will be given to students who have demonstrated a high aptitude or achievements in the fine arts, community service, or athletics.
  • Three reference letters are required (not from family) that articulate why this student would benefit from Meadowridge and vice versa. Contact information for each reference must be included to allow us to contact them as needed.
  • The student must be bound for university.

Other Eligibility Requirements

  • Every student must be a resident of British Columbia, according to the Ministry of Education and be eligible for the education grant.
  • Demonstrated high academic performance.
  • Second language instruction up to and including the Grade 9 level, which the student will need to continue until Graduation as per the Diploma Programme requirements.

Applicants must follow all other application procedures as well as submitting the regular application materials.

This scholarship is not open to students or the siblings of students currently enrolled at Meadowridge School.

For more information, please contact Admissions at 604.467.4444 or e-mail