Music at Meadowridge

Here, students don’t simply listen to learn, they get hands on: they pick up guitars and hand bells, drum on marimbas and xylophones, they read, and write, and record music… Students are dignified as active meaning-makers, not passive recipients.

Music in the Elementary School

Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5

All students in the Elementary School have class time with dedicated music specialists. Beginning courses teach students the fundamentals as both vocal and instrumental musicians, and are built on year-by-year.

The talents learned by our young musicians complement what they are learning in their regular classes: math, reading, language, social development, and motor skills are all tenants of music at Meadowridge.

Meadowridge students playing Indigenous drums in a Meadowridge School AssemblyPictured Above: Students performing at our annual December PYP Music Showcase. Each year students perform in two showcases for families and friends to showcase what they have learned throughout the year.

Early music training seems to shape the young brain, strengthening the neural connections and perhaps establishing new ones.


Music in the Middle & High School

Grade 6 to 10

Students in Middle and High School learn the fundamentals of music and sound as both instrumentalists and vocalists, as soloists and members of an ensemble. 

Students learn to play guitar, sing, compose, and record music. The concepts they learn progress in complexity year-by-year, challenging musicians to hone their skills and develop as artists.

In Grades 6 through 8, students take part in a fine arts rotation, which includes musical instruction for one third of the year. In Grades 9 and 10, students may elect to pursue music further as part of their arts elective.

Meadowridge School student wearing headphones and recording music on a keyboard