The Digital Recording Arts Program at Meadowridge presents

A little over a year ago, the pandemic struck and music education quickly became a casualty. But where there is challenge, there is also opportunity.  The Digital Recording Arts Program was launched in December 2020, thanks to the use of fundraised money from the Annual Fund (thank you donors!)

Producing music engages the entire person. Behind every song (or instrumental piece) in the Kaleidoscope series is a student or group of students who have written, arranged, recorded, edited, mixed, and mastered the work. Students have become users of both analogue and digital technology. Each student has learned at their own pace and has developed their own unique skill set, as real-world musicians do. Music is a journey, and a recording is like a snapshot in a moment of time that displays what we are capable of achieving at that moment. We hope that you enjoy the songs and instrumentals in Kaleidoscope.

Musical talent is not described by age, experience, or a degree. As a music teacher who is also a songwriter, I am amazed and humbled by the quality of the musical thoughts and ideas of my students. Many of their songs have enriched me and I feel privileged to be able to experience this creativity firsthand and encourage its fullest expression.

It has been amazing to be able to have the opportunity to bring this project to life.

Mr. David Noble, High School Music Teacher

Kaleidoscope Volume 1

By Grade 10 Music
Kaleidoscope Volume 1 is comprised of the following songs, all produced in Grade 10 and completed by the end of May. Some songs are completely written, arranged, performed, and produced by one student. Others are collaborations which may include co-writing, co-arranging, and/or co-performing. But whether by one, or a few, the whole project has been a grand collaboration. We will let the music speak for itself. The students themselves know all of the detail of the collaborations large and small.

Kaleidoscope Volume 2

By Grade 9 & 10 Music
Kaleidoscope Volume 2 is comprised of the following songs, produced in Grade 10 and 9. These songs are songs that were completed in the middle of June).

Kaleidoscope Volume 3

By Grade 9 & 10 Music
Kaleidoscope Volume 3 is a series of short instrumental pieces. These pieces are written by students in Grades 9 and 10 and were completed at various points in the year. Some are titled, some are untitled.