Dramatic Arts

Meadowridge students performing in Almost, Maine in costume

The Meadowridge School Drama Program is available to all students from Grades 6 to 12. It takes an activity based experiential approach to the teaching of performance and dramaturgy which is accessible to all regardless of prior experience or knowledge of the craft of theatre.

Graduates of the program have gone on to be accepted into the top theatre schools in the country while others follow other educational and career paths, secure in the knowledge that the performance skills they have gained in the program can be applied to any field of endeavor which they choose to follow. There are few career options which do not highly value confidence, self-assurance, presentation and speaking skills as well as the ability to think on one's feet and effectively respond to challenges. These are the skills emphasized in each class. Drama classes at Meadowridge School take a "learn by doing" approach and are high energy and active. Students are challenged to always perform at the peak of their ability.

The extra-curricular aspect of Meadowridge Drama operates throughout the academic year. Each new play begins pre-production while the current production is still ongoing. Stage productions engage students in the following roles:

Actors Directors Musicians
Casting Writers Lighting Crew
Sound Crew Backstage Crew Props
Production Assistants Hair Make-Up
Set Construction Promotion  

*Involvement is not restricted to students in the Drama program. All students are welcome to audition or to apply to serve in other production roles.

Known for our performances

Our school has grown a reputation for innovative and relevant stage productions which draw enthusiastic audience support and which have won awards both in the Fraser Valley and provincially.

Making this achievement particularly impressive is the fact that Meadowridge Drama productions are co-produced, co-directed and performed by students. This makes the work more meaningful to modern audiences and produces work which is relevant and exciting.