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Aerial photo of Meadowridge School with forest and mountains in the background
Audacious In Her Pursuits

Penny’s mother would get home from work, tired after a long day, and head straight to the sewing machine. She’d spend hours hunched over the whirring machine, mending socks and shirts and whatever else people brought by. “We owned the only sewing machine in our small village,” Penny explains, “and people needed her help.”

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Grade 6 Movement Composition Unit

As a Physical Health Education Teacher, Ms. Sarice Kent-Grebski knows the single, scariest word for most teenagers: dance. Dance teaches movement, rhythm, collaboration and balance – it’s an important part of students’ physical education! – but Ms. Kent-Grebski gets it. It can be awkward. That’s why during students’ movement composition unit they learn other ways to move, ways different than dance… 

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girl in metallic jacket in the forest raising a green tarp

Exploring settlements in Grade 2. Showing us the shapes and sizes and distances between places, maps are usually a place for answers. In Grade 2, however, they take on a new life – not giving answers, but raising questions instead. 

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