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Mr. Happy book cover

While many people absolutely love time away from schedules and deadlines, some people struggle. Please go easy on yourself – and try to do something new like: walking outside and simply enjoying the sounds around you, or take up an art and play music while you explore your own creativity, or just sit with family and play a board game or charades.

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Open Minded = Growth Mindset

December’s Learner Profile focus is OPEN-MINDED but what does it take to be open-minded? How can we observe our own thoughts and actions to determine if we are, in fact, open-minded? Are you the kind of person who quickly assesses a person or situation, without spending time to question your immediate assumptions?

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SEL at Home: Money can buy Happiness – when you give it away, that is!

Did you know that spending money on others makes us happier than spending it on ourselves? People of all ages believe that if we could just have this or that we’ll be happier. Then, we finally acquire this possession and to our surprise, the happiness is fleeting. Soon, the toy or jacket is thrown about, losing its value with every passing day.

Read the Blog about SEL at Home: Money can buy Happiness – when you give it away, that is!