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Aerial photo of Meadowridge School with forest and mountains in the background
Learning at Home From a Student

What would I have felt on March 13, the day we all left school for Spring Break, knowing that I might not return until the start of grade 12?  As bad as it sounds, I was relieved. I was happy to hear I would no longer have to wake up early or wear a uniform each day, and that I would be, instead, learning in the comfort of my own home. But I was wrong to feel relieved.  

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Audacious In Her Pursuits

Penny’s mother would get home from work, tired after a long day, and head straight to the sewing machine. She’d spend hours hunched over the whirring machine, mending socks and shirts and whatever else people brought by. “We owned the only sewing machine in our small village,” Penny explains, “and people needed her help.”

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