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Aerial photo of Meadowridge School with forest and mountains in the background
CWOW students with masks during theatre performance practice

WOW! It was a busy day on campus packed with experiential, real-world learning and extended inquiry outside of the classroom as our students indulged in this school year’s last Classroom Without Walls (CWOW). In between sessions, we connected with some classes to delve into the learning outcomes and highlights for each CWOW activity.

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Dylan D. performing her solo

Happy International Dance Day, Meadowridge. Let’s celebrate the beauty and diversity of dance, as it brings people together in harmony and joy.

Meet Dylan D. (Grade 10) who has always had a passion and love for dance and was able to incorporate that into her personal project to help her achieve the challenging “540 Jump.” In this interview, Dylan shares her inspiration, process, and overall success of her project. Get ready to be inspired by her artistic expression and dedication to the art of dance.

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Alisha G. standing next to her art exhibit with a 3D barn

As the world went into lockdown during the pandemic, many turned to various forms of art to express their emotions. Photography proved a powerful medium for Grade 12 student Steven W. during this uncertain time he began looking for different ways to express his ideas and creativity. The results of his work were recently on display at the Grade 12 Art Exhibition, where his audience was left spellbound by his emotional pieces.

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Alisha G. standing next to her art exhibit with a 3D barn

Alisha has always had a deep love for animals and the environment. She spent countless hours with her pets, observing other animals, and wildlife. As time went on, she became increasingly aware of the pressing issues of animal cruelty and environmental concerns. Driven by her passion for these issues, Alisha turned to art as a tool to push for change.  

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