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Paper or Plastic?
Grade 10 Field Trip
to the Grocery Store

During Earth Week, students in Grade 10 Advisory watched an enlightening documentary called A Plastic Ocean, a film highlighting the disastrous environmental effects of ever-increasing production and use of plastics. After the documentary and lively classroom conversations, students headed off on a field trip to Save-On Foods to emphasize the ideas explored. At the grocery store, students were divided into groups—breakfast, lunch, dinner, toiletries, and snacks—and were tasked with buying a day's worth of items.

With baskets full, groups were then asked to separate groceries into two categories: those with plastic packaging, and those without. If items contained plastic, students were asked to find a non-plastic alternative. The plastic-free options, groups discovered, were minimal at best. (Take a look at the photos to see some of their findings!)

After this eye-opening experiment, students wanted to share with the community ways to reduce plastic use in simple, achievable ways.

Sharing their findings

Check out the poster students created to learn how you
might have a positive impact on our environment.

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