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Grade 6 Global Economies and Resources

In Grade 6 Individuals and Societies, a unit exploring Global Economy and Resources is helping bring the realities of global economy, globalization, and trade to life. After examining these issues in-depth and in many ways, students in Mr. Kennedy's class played a global trade simulation, acting as different countries with different resource allocation. Through the simulation, students learned how some countries have distinct advantages and disadvantages in the global economy. (read all about it here!)

Students' culminating project for the unit was to create a board game incorporating the different elements of global trade. The games the class came up with were completely varied—some were based on already-existing board games, others a conflation of a few, and some completely original works. Many of the games were reminiscent of Monopoly, Settles of Catan, and The Game of Life.

As part of the unit, students had learned how decisions are made based on values. They debated and discussed this issue and depth, and it became clear that peoples' beliefs and values differ entirely. The board game students created had to incorporate their values. With the roll of a dice, players might land on a spot and pick up a card informing them that their factory had be found of using child labour, or a colossal oil spill had just occurred, and be instructed to pay a fine, go three steps back, or whatever else the creator had imagined.

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