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Our website should be (we hope!) your go-to resource for all things Meadowridge.

Any information you're after, you'll find on Game schedules? Got 'em. Library catalogue? Look no further. Admissions deadlines? Absolutely. We're always adding new information so it's all just a few clicks away. As a Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 school, that can add up to a lot of information... that can add up to 303 pages of information! (and counting)

And while we try our best to keep all those pages organized and easy to find, we get it. It's a lot.

When it's six-a.m. and you're wondering what's for lunch that day, you don't want to think about where to find the information, you just want it. You don't want to know our healthy eating philosophies, or about our commitment to campus-grown ingredients, you just want to know it's Kung Pao chicken with vegetables and steamed rice.

To save anyone from ever suffering such a last-minute, frenzied scramble, we took to our website's analytics; we looked at all the late-night, last-stitch searches for information and compiled our top ten most frequently asked questions. Then, we went straight to the source to get answers.

Today, we're getting to the bottom of your most burning questions.

Top Ten Website Searches, Answered

#10—how do I report an absence?
The best way to let us know your child will be away is to email before 8:00a.m. of that school day. If you don't have access to email, you can call the front office at 604.467.4444. If you're calling outside of office hours, you're welcome to leave a message. No matter how you report the absence, just be sure to let us know the child's first name, last name, and their grade.

#9—what is OE3?
Every student at Meadowridge takes part in the Outdoor, Experiential, Ecological Education (OE3) program. As OE3 coordinator, Mr. James Willms works with teachers across the continuum to plan ecological and experiential learning opportunities. With the aim to connect students with the earth—to have them experience it, tend to it, and enjoy it—the program is intentionally experimental. All experiences are intentionally planned to support grade-level curriculum, while also developing Approaches to Learning and the Learner Profile.

#8—what day is it today?
If you're a part of the Meadowridge community, you know the answer to this question isn't Monday or Tuesday. Students' schedules are organized by an eight-day rotation so that they are afforded the same instructional time in every subject. And while this is a timetable marvel, it can sometimes cause confusion. If you ever wake up and wonder what day it is, you can check the website calendar, this handy print-out, or student's agendas.

#7—what is the Parent Guild?
Our Meadowridge Parent Guild resembles what most would know as the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC). The Parent Guild is an organized group of parent volunteers, committed to nurturing a sense of community. Through social and communicative links, the Parent Guild welcomes, informs, and connects with our new and returning families. From providing weekly communications to all families, to supporting school Spirit Days, to offering coffee and tea at Assemblies, to hosting monthly Conversation Corners—there is no doubt that the Parent Guild plays an integral role in our school.

#6—what are CAS Clubs?
MYP students have Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) blocks twice per week, with three club terms every year (September to January, January to April, April to June). Students have a wide-range of interests and our clubs reflect that: College Prep Cooking, Instrumental Band, Keyboarding, Model United Nations, and Fitness are just a few of our over 50 clubs offered. As part of the Gryphon Pin Program, students' enrolment in clubs must be balanced and include a combination of the three categories. (Creativity, Activity, or Service).

#5—where can I find the latest issue of The Talon?
The Talon can be found online here. (while you're there, check out our favourite article, 14 questions with 14 students!)

#4—where do the Week Without Walls trips go?
Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP) students start and end the year with Week Without Walls (WOW Week) adventures.

Curious about these overnight adventures? Consider this your WOW Week Cheat Sheet:

Grade 6
Fall: Camp Potlach (Shores of Howe Sound) three days, two nights
Spring: Victoria, BC Adventure three days, two nights

Grade 7
Fall: Rockridge Canyon (Princeton, BC) four days, three nights
Spring: Drumheller, AB Adventure five days, four nights

Grade 8
Fall: Rockridge Canyon (Princeton, BC) four days, three nights
Spring: Camp Elphinstone (Langdale, BC) three days, two nights

Grade 9
Fall: Voyageur Adventure (Alouette Lake, Maple Ridge, BC) three days, two nights
Spring: Victoria, BC Adventure three days, two nights

Grade 10
Fall: Voyageur Adventure (Indian Arm, Vancouver, BC) four days, three nights
Spring: Wells, BC and Barkerville, BC four days, three nights

Grade 11
Fall: Loon Lake (Maple Ridge, BC) three days, two nights
Spring: Pearson College Science Retreat (Victoria, BC) three days, two nights

Grade 12
Fall: Loon Lake (Maple Ridge, BC) three days, two nights

#3—where can I find information about the library?
The library is open to our entire community from 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday. The library is designed for students to work individually and collaboratively, supported by a growing collection of 40,000 resources and dedicated teacher librarians. The library is a place where students can research, study, and work on inquiry-based projects and assignments around the clock. The library hosts an array of digital resources, as well as an online cataloguing system.

#2—what are school uniform guidelines?
Students are to wear their number one uniforms on Mondays, Fridays, any occasion when they are representing the school, or on days with special occasions (Remembrance Day, Convocation). Students are to wear their number two uniform on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. PYP students may wear their PE strip on Wednesdays. More information about uniforms can be found in student agendas or online here.

#1—where can I find the cafeteria menu?
The SAGE menu is available online and on the Touch of Sage app. The menu is different for our Kindergarten to Grade 3 students, so just be sure to toggle to the correct menu. You can check what's cooking months in advance (i.e. plan for butter chicken day) and search through recipes for common allergens and nutritional guidance.

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