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Finding the Right Fit
takes a years-long, all-around approach

Students need the time it takes to make fundamental decisions about who they are, what they want, and what they might like to become. Finding the right fit requires goals, passions and a keen self-awareness—things students develop often and in all sorts of ways in the Meadowridge Post-Secondary Counselling Program. Learning from guest speakers, alumni, counsellors and each other, students take part in exercises, activities and sessions designed to stimulate, challenge, and develop their thinking.

For our counsellors, every interaction is a chance for students to learn more about themselves.

"The conversations with Mr. Storgaard were brilliant; I learned knowledge in IT, Business and Coding. The whole event was very valuable and increased my knowledge."

During our last Classroom Without Walls (CWOW) day, students participated in the Grade 9 and 10 Career Roundtable, an event welcoming parents, friends, and family members into our school to talk with students about their respective careers. Following career diagnostic tests and a presentation about the realities of a modern career launch, the roundtables let students explore some of the emerging post-secondary and career ideas they were beginning to form.

"I learned that there are many jobs which I hadn't considered which sound interesting. I also earned that in most jobs you need people skills."

Students met with professionals working in a range of industries, 21 altogether, including psychiatry, media and graphic design, medicine, aviation, accounting, and talent recruitment. This mix is planned so that students can meet with the standard career go-to's—medicine, engineering, and business—as well as the less-traditional options that are often overlooked.

Through interactive, small group talks, students learn the specialization options and career paths of different lines of work, as well as the realities of what the job entails. Conversations are open, candid and encourage interaction. Arriving with many questions, the roundtables let students get answers from established professionals who know the ins and outs of both the industry and the workforce.

"I learned about the courses you should take for particular careers and about the choices you can make in careers—for example, psychiatrists can specialize in many things."

Finding the right fit, whether a career or program or post-secondary institution, takes time, and it takes many experiences. The roundtable is one of many along the way.

Finding the Right Fit
where our students go on to study

Finding the Right Fit
takes amazing volunteers (21 of them!)

Accounting & Finance
Mr. Mike Schutz, Parent

Accounting, Finance, & Business Management
Mr. Don Hinks, Retired Meadowridge Employee

Art History and Visual Studies & Education
Dr. Behrang Nabavi Nejad, Parent

Mr. Peter Carmichael, Friend & Neighbour of Meadowridge Faculty

Creative Entrepreneurship
Mr. Patrick Christie, Friend of Meadowridge Employee & Alumni

Ms. Jo-Ann Smith, Colleague & Referral from Meadowridge Alumni

Economics & Education
Mr. Rodney Chan, Parent

Mr. Hugh Burke, Faculty Member & Alumni Parent

Ms. Ann English, Alumni Parent

Mr. Charles Holder, Family Member of Meadowridge Faculty

Information Technology & Strategy Consulting
Mr. Imraan Kassam, Parent

Information Technology & Management
Mr. Ryan Stogaard, Parent

Law & Criminology
Mr. Richard Rosenthal, Alumni Parent & Parent

Media & Graphic Design
Ms. Melanie Iddon, Meadowridge Employee

Dr. Kathleen Robson, Alumni Parent

Ms. Abby Holder, Meadowridge Family Member

Mr. Dan Ruimy, Local MP & Community Member

Dr. Stephen Ogunremi, Parent

Talent Recruitment
Ms. Heather Findlay, Family Member of Meadowridge Employee

Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Geoffrey Hutchinson, Parent

Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Sarah Charney, Parent

The Career Roundtable is only possible because of parents, families, and friends. It takes a village (or, 21 professionals!) to help guide students in their post-secondary and career planning. Our post-secondary team is already planning next year's event and is on the lookout for panelists. If you can help at next year's event, please email

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