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It's World Teacher's Day. What inspired you to teach?

In celebration of World Teacher's Day, we asked nine faculty members across the continuum this one question: what inspired you to become a teacher?

Ms. Selena Dobie, PYP Teacher

Why did I become a teacher? That's easy – Mrs. Buss. She was my grade one teacher and she was the most kind-hearted and loving woman. I was very shy as a child and I remember she would let me sit on her lap when she read stories to the class. I couldn't tell you what she taught me in Reading, Writing or Math; I only remember that she made me feel safe and special and I loved her.

Teaching is so much more to me than delivering a prescribed curriculum. The relationships we build with children are what really make an impact on their lives.

Mr. Nathan Horne, PYP Teacher

The easy answer to the question would be to say that I became a teacher because my mom was a teacher. However, my first dream was to become a marine biologist, so I could play with dolphins. Then an architect, which was squashed due to being left handed and smudging all my technical drawings. Growing up in Australia with an extreme love of sport, becoming a Physical Education teacher seemed like a fitting choice. My degree at the University of Tasmania allowed me to graduate either in Sport Science, Sports Management or Health & Physical Education. Sport Science was my first choice, however as soon as I had the chance to work with students in a school setting I knew that it was the career for me. Given my mom was a teacher I felt I knew what was required to be a good teacher and the more time I spent in schools the more I knew that teaching PE was the right choice.

Ms. Stella Hsu, MYP Teacher

I think it started when I was in university, when I was a Teacher's Assistant for Math. I was going to be a programmer—I was a major in computer science—but after doing it for a year, I decided to go back to teachers' college. I think I enjoyed the "wow" moments when students understood something for the first time. I love teaching Math. I have a passion for Math and numbers: my goal is to spread the joy of numbers and Math to my students.

In Design, I like that the kids have a lot of choice: they have open-ended questions to answer for each project. They're allowed to explore their ideas, test them, and see if it actually works. It's a lot of hands-on work and I really like that.

Mr. David Noble, MYP & DP Teacher

I decided to become a teacher in order to share the love that I have for what is such an important part in almost everyone's life – music. While music doesn't necessarily become the backbone of our employment, it is, along with some other arts mediums the backdrop to all of our lives. I am interested in showing people the alchemy that is music – how simple elements are transformed into things of great meaning and value.

Ms. Christina Reis, MYP Teacher

My motivation to become a teacher stems from the excitement I feel watching students explore, discover, and learn. I am driven by their keen curiosity and their reactions to their own "ah ha" or what I call "lightbulb" moments. As a teacher, I feel it is important to guide students, rather than to tell. Each student has their own perspective and outlook to every single learning experience. The opportunity to witness which direction each student chooses is what makes teaching such a unique and unpredictable experience!

Ms. Gilda Zivec, MYP & DP Teacher

In my family, the profession of teaching goes back a few generations. My grandmother's sister was a well-known teacher, recognized for her kindness and efforts to build a school in a very poor community in Mexico City. She was a big inspiration to my mother, who opened her own school which she ran for 28 years. Since I was a young kid, I knew that teaching was something I wanted to do... and not just as a profession to earn money, it was deeper than that. I grew up seeing and admiring my aunt and mother. I started volunteering at my mother's school when I was 15 years old, and when I finished high school I knew that teaching was my passion and what I wanted to do for life.

Mr. Rhys Clark, MYP Teacher

Teaching for me was case of having two parents who were both teachers. Initially I wanted to work at museums and art galleries but my experiences as a junior teacher really reinforced my love of the creativity and impact one has as an educator. Being able to witness the development of young actors is still the best part of my job.

Ms. Marie Devantier, MYP Teacher

After years of coaching swimming and teaching swim lessons, I thought maybe the classroom would be a place I could share my passion for learning new things. I had some really great teachers growing up (a couple who still teach at Meadowridge now) and they really got me interested in helping kids get excited about scholarship. That is why I became a teacher.

Ms. Megan Baker, PYP Teacher

I have always wanted to be a teacher, for as long as I can remember (there was a short time when I wanted to be an artist, but my lack of drawing abilities ended that dream).

I was involved in Girl Guides which gave me many opportunities to work with children younger than me in a leadership role. As a young adult I even became a leader of a Spark and Guide unit.

Growing up I was also very close with my aunt, who was also a teacher.

I always loved school! By the time September rolled around every year I was more than ready to start the adventure of a new school year. I enjoyed making those personal connections with my teachers. My mom was heavily involved with the Parent association which allowed me to have a 'behind the scenes' perspective of my elementary school.

I feel incredibly lucky I live my dream everyday, to come to school and learn from the amazing students and colleagues at Meadowridge.

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