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Grade 10 Math
Making Measurements
Make Sense

Working with Mr. James Willms and the OE3 Department, students in Mr. Scott Rinn's Grade 10 Math class took part in a project to experience the concept of measurement in a real-life way. Tasked with exploring the notion of community; in particular, of how made-made systems are designed and created to build community. In the final component of the project, students explored the Meadowridge campus and determined the best placement for their group's picnic table in order to serve its intended purpose.

This was a group project, and students had to use a collaborative approach to identify strengths of each group member, set project deadlines, and assign roles and tasks in order to make a product that was of high-quality and finished by the due date. Each group also designed and created a plaque with each group member's name, which was put discretely on the picnic table so students can identify their table for years to come.

The picnic tables were made from cedar wood, which was generously donated to the school by the Bath Family. The picnic tables have been sanded and stained, and will hopefully stay on the Meadowridge campus for many years to come.

Check out all the photos from the build here »

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