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Sticks & Stones: The Making Of Our Latest Art Installment

During their Week Without Walls Trip at Rockridge Camp, Grade 7 and 8 students created Andy Goldsworthy-inspired art installations. Andy Goldsworthy is a brilliant British artist, who uses materials from the earth such as twigs, stones, reeds, ice, and snow, to create temporary installations in nature. Many of his artworks are only intended to exist for a short period of time before returning to the earth.

In groups of two or four, students gathered natural materials found on the ground around the camp—pinecones, rocks, pine needles, weeds, grasses, and twigs—and collaborated to create artwork of their own. Some students organized their materials according to texture, colour, size, or value while others took a more conceptual approach.

Here's what some of our students created...

Lone Survivor
By Vincent, Sam, and Charlie

"Located under the shade of a tall canopy tree, the lone survivor was a bright blast of brilliant green and grey against a brown open background. Consisting of green street shoots and old man's beard the lone survivor was depicting a lost survivor washed up on a solemn island in the Mid-Pacific, with a brilliant sailboat made of old man's beard and bark mulch. The contrast between the brilliant bright greys and greens contrasted nicely with the nice open backdrop of bark mulch. The shapes consisted of circles triangles, squares, and straights building the beautiful picture of the lone survivor."

The Sun
By Tyson and Aston

"We chose a spot in the grass because it best contrasted our "sun". We had many contrasting colours such as green, grey, brown, and bright yellow. The textures were smooth, rough, and had many strains that created an almost brush like texture. The shapes we had were abstract."

Mrs. Neibergall and Mr. Willims' Grade 5 class took inspiration from the grade 7 and 8 students, creating their own artworks from materials found during their explorations of our own north forest. With meticulous care and an emphasis on pattern and repetition, the Grade 5s transformed their natural materials (ferns, rocks, dirt, moss, sticks) into 3D works of art. Their work is on display alongside the Grade 7 and 8 pieces in the E. Boyd and H. Burke Gallery.

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