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The Science Olympics

Classroom Without Walls Round-Up

Students took part in an all-out battle of wits and science this past Friday for our latest Classroom Without Walls. Divided into groups, students took part in four challenges in an effort to take home Gold, Silver, or Bronze at the Meadowridge Science Olympics.

Junior Challenges

The Fancy Unicorn
Build a device that fits on your head and that will pick up the most packing peanuts. You will wear the device; and, beginning from the starting line, collect peanuts into a bucket without using your hands or arms. This is a relay race, so you must be able to transfer the device from one person to the next.

Who has got the best pipes?
Identify the musical notes in a scale and play simple tunes using various lengths of PVC piping.

Whatever floats your boat
Build a balloon-powered boat using different forms of styrofoam and compete in a race against other teams.

Run marble run
Use a cardboard box and cardstock struts in an attempt to create the longest marble track. The concepts of potential and kinetic energy will be useful.

Keep on falling
Design and build a drop device to investigate the science behind slowing-down the ascent of a falling object.

Senior Challenges

Let it hang
Test the strength of English Ivy vines to understand the role they played in making various objects in the culture and history of the First People.

In the nick of time
Figure out the number of elastic bands required for a safe bungee jump for Barbie dolls to plunge from the DP lounge. You will be given a limited number of elastic bands and will be required to graph the relationship to estimate the total number of elastics required.

Robot wars
Using coding, complete challenges with robots.

Test the effects of concentration of reactants in the rate of reaction of the famous Iodine Clock.

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