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What is an Outdoor Experiential Educational (OE3) Coordinator?

The OE3 Program is designed for students to develop ecological intelligence, using a systems-based approach to learning. Ecoliteracy fosters inquiry into the relationships between human systems and natural systems, ultimately promoting empathy for all of life. Students will establish their own ecoliteracy as they learn, "to live well, with others and for others, in a just community."

So what does our OE3 Coordinator, Mr. James Willms, do?

Facilitates Outdoor Learning
Collaborates with staff and students to facilitate ecological, experiential learning opportunities which foster a rich understanding of ecoliteracy and sustainable practices.

Organizes Student Experiences
Student experiences range from the campus garden, greenhouses, forest and campground, to off-campus experiences in Golden Ears Park, Juan de Fuca Trail, fish hatcheries, and numerous other parks and wilderness areas.

Coordinates Outdoor Programs
Programs include Learning in Action (direct curricular experiences), Outdoor Pursuits (Duke of Edinburgh, Week Without Walls), and CAS Clubs (North Forest service, soil remediation, fire pit design, and knife safety).

Develops Outdoor Facilities
Supports the development of OE3 specific facilities, including the campus campground, north forest trails, gardens, demonstration forest, and beehives.

Keeps Things Safe
Heads risk management for on-campus activities (wildlife incursions, wilderness First Aid) and multi-day trips, Outdoor Education, and field trips with higher levels of risk.

Supports Faculty and Staff
Supports teachers and staff with professional development opportunities, including Independent Schools Experiential Education Network, National Outdoor Leadership School, plant identification, and camp craft (knife safety, food, shelter, and survival).

Fosters Community-Wide Learning
Coordinates community events to encourage learning and connection for the broader community, including Christmas carols in the forest, Welcome Back Fair, and future camping experiences.

Want to learn more about our OE3 Program? Click here to read our OE3 Feature from our 2018 Spring Gryphon Magazine .

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