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Grade 8 Wooden Launchers

Grade 8 students draw from different courses—Design, Science, Societies and Literature—in a challenge to create wooden launchers. Learning about different launchers in class, students then head to Design to build one of their own! After further research and deciding which type of launcher to build, students design their creations in SketchUp. Before the build, much consideration is put into the Physics of their designs; specifically, creating a robust-enough launcher to withstand the force and stresses necessary to launch a half-pound weight. Students were further challenged in their build because they were restricted to medieval materials only, like wood, iron, rope, leather, and cotton fabric.

Check out more photos from the launches over here »


The competition was so fierce that students were coming into the Design Lab at lunch to improve their design and squeeze out a few more metres. Every group managed to improve their initial distance by over two metres, and five groups managed to beat last year's record—an astounding 17.23 metres! Four groups passed the 20-metre mark, and the winning two groups passed 28 metres! The winning team (Gordon, Alisha, Hannah and Paige) achieved a whopping 29.45 metres. Meanwhile, Rayan, Alistair, and Khetan destroyed their castle with over eight devastating hits.

Well done, Grade 8's!

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