The True Gift of a Meadowridge Education: Interview with Omid Motameni ’18
Omid leaning against a soccer net

A life-changing, life-inspiring opportunity: The true gift of a Meadowridge Education

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Early in the eighth grade, Omid Motameni ’18 got some disappointing news. After years of making do and making it work, his parents could no longer afford tuition at the school. The year would be his last, he learned, news that was hard for him to hear but even harder for his parents to share. His family loved the school and had long put “everything” into coming, so while he was disappointed, he also understood: as small business owners, tuition had always been a stretch.

Despite apprehensions, Omid’s transition to his new school early the next fall was “pretty good.” Eight years at Meadowridge had prepared him well, readying him for any uncertainty and change. Omid settled in with ease, joining sports teams, making friends, and keeping up his grades.

Things were going well, and he liked his new school, but there were still some small-but-noticeable differences that made him miss Meadowridge. He missed the extra care his teachers showed, the extra attention they paid to academics, yes, but also all the other things that make us who we are. Omid also missed his peers and the way they carried themselves, a mix of respect and manners that had been instilled in them early on at the school. “The experiences, the learning, the campus, the IB…” Omid continues on, “there was just a lot to miss.” His parents missed these things too, and noticed their son’s enthusiasm wane. “A good education was everything to my family,” Omid shares, “and my parents were ready to move mountains to get me back to Meadowridge School.” 

Unbeknownst to him, that’s exactly what they were doing.

“When you give opportunities to the right people, they give back. This gift changed my life and my mindset completely and I want to keep finding ways to always help others and give back.”

In the background and for all this time, his dad had been researching and making phone calls and trying to figure out a way to get Omid back to Meadowridge. When he found out about the Scholarship Program, he was cautiously optimistic. After many talks at home and in consultation with the school, the Motameni’s submitted their application. A few weeks later, the phone rang. Omid had been awarded the scholarship.

“It felt like a dream,” Omid remembers, “I was shocked and surprised and my dad was just really, really happy.” Omid was so shocked, in fact, that he didn’t even have time to process the news or tell his friends he was coming back. Instead, he simply arrived on that first day and strolled into class as he normally would. After his friends’ and teachers’ shock and excitement wore off, it was like any other day. It was, as Omid puts it, exactly the school he remembered and the reaction he would expect: “That’s the community I missed,” he shares, “there’s just this love that you feel.” 

It's been seven years since that second first day at Meadowridge School. 

Left: Omid with his sports team  | Right: Omid with Meadowridge graduates

Omid is now in his last year of undergrad, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and has his sights set on a Masters of Counselling. Despite a busy schedule of work and school, he’s still found a way to get back and give back to Meadowridge. “My dad instilled that into me from the moment I got the scholarship,” Omid explains, “he told me you can’t take this gift and not show any gratitude.” Still on a student budget, Omid knew the best way for him to give, for now, was to volunteer. Omid offered up his time and talent as a soccer coach, an offer Mr. Nick Jackson, Teacher and Senior Boys Soccer Coach, was quick to accept. 

“I’m so grateful to the donors who gave to make this story possible,” Omid concludes, “I owe so much to the school and coaching is the least I can do.” This, as the young alum sees it, is the true gift of the Scholarship and of a Meadowridge education. “When you give opportunities to the right people, they give back. This gift changed my life and my mindset completely and I want to keep finding ways to always help others and give back.”