Alumni Spotlight: Hazzy Atthari ‘14: From Meadowridge to Success in Tech Sales

Hazzy joined Meadowridge School in Grade 7, embarking on a path filled with rich experiences, lasting friendships, and invaluable learning opportunities. His time at Meadowridge also served as the foundation for an impressive career in tech sales. We sat down with the alum to learn about what he has been up to since graduating from Meadowridge back in 2014 – Meadowridge’s first ever Diploma Programme (DP) Graduating Class.  

During his six years at the school, Hazzy participated in a variety of clubs and sports teams, such as basketball, soccer, track, Model United Nations (MUN), and even Yu-Gi-Oh. His extracurricular involvement not only nurtured his passion but also instilled in him essential life skills. Some of Hazzy’s fondest memories from Meadowridge include the exhilaration of school trips, the excitement of sporting events, the camaraderie of lunchtime soccer matches, the spirited house competitions, and the challenging academic modules. A proud member of Kanaka House, he was awarded Spirit Day MVP twice, a testament to his commitment to fostering unity and enthusiasm among his housemates. One of Hazzy’s most cherished moments at Meadowridge was his victory in the GVISAA Soccer Championship. In his final year, Hazzy and his Grade 12 teammates secured a championship win, a culmination of years of dedication and team-work. 

After graduating from Meadowridge, Hazzy attended Queen's University. His academic journey began with a focus on becoming a physiotherapist, leading him to pursue a degree in Kinesiology. Hazzy later shifted his focus to Global Development Studies and embarked on a career path with the United Nations Association in Canada, aspiring to work in international relations. After earning his degree, and in an unforeseeable turn of events, the COVID-19 pandemic brought significant changes to his career aspirations with opportunities in international relations becoming scarcer. However, Hazzy’s ability to adapt and his relentless pursuit of success led him to a newfound passion: tech sales. 

Hazzy currently works at Peekage, a Canadian marketing start-up specializing in digital product sampling and consumer insights. As a Partnerships Manager, Hazzy enjoys attending food trade shows, sampling products, building in-person connections, and helping brands generate revenue. In his current role, he manages the entire sales pipeline and leads a team of sales representatives, showcasing his leadership skills and expertise. Though the post-pandemic market has presented challenges and budget cuts, Hazzy welcomes this as an opportunity to demonstrate the value of Peekage to prospective clients. Looking ahead, Hazzy aspires to exit Peekage successfully to return to school to complete a master’s degree, and eventually start his own business. His determination to set and achieve goals is a central theme in his personal and professional life.  

While currently residing in Toronto, Hazzy maintains close ties with his Meadowridge friends, whom he now calls lifelong friends and often sees up to three times a week. Hazzy is looking forward to returning to BC soon, where he looks forward to spending more time with family and friends.  

Hazzy is a testament to the remarkable opportunities and personal growth that Meadowridge School fosters. His journey from a Meadowridge student to a successful professional in the tech sales industry is a testament to his adaptability and unwavering pursuit of his goals.