Blue, Green, Purple, or Pink Bins? Put Trash in its Place!

Okay, you got us. We don’t have purple or pink bins on campus, but you may have noticed an additional green recycling bin next to our traditional blue bin recently placed in classrooms, office spaces, and around the school.

It can be a little confusing as to what goes where, especially when there are so many kinds of used materials and they all belong in different bins. By making this addition, we want to enhance the streaming of our used materials away from the landfill.

Though it takes a litttttle bit longer to find the right place for our “trash,” every extra minute you take makes a huge difference in our environment and in lowering our carbon footprint as a community.

Blue Bins

Did you know that almost all materials at the school can be recycled? You would be surprised to learn the things that belong in the recyclables blue bin, like soft plastics!

Accepted items:

  • Paper, paper cups, newspaper, magazines, notepads, greeting cards, cardboard (thicker/bulkier paper items)
  • Plastic bags, bubble wrap, saran wrap (soft and stretchy)
  • Plastic bottles, plates, and cups
  • Plastic to-go cup lids, plastic straws
  • Plastic food/takeout containers and cutlery
  • Metal
  • Aluminum cans, juice boxes,
  • Plastic/glass bottles and jars with lids

Blue Bin Tips:
✔️ Remove food, liquids, or other contents and rinse clean before recycling
✔️ Separate plastic bags/over-wrap from newspapers, flyers, magazines, water/soft drink cases; recycle separately
✔️ Put items in loose and not bagged or boxed

Meadowridge students sorting through paper recyclables

Green Bins

  • Paper coffee cups, facial tissue, paper towel, paper food packaging, paper plates, paper sugar packets, paper straws (soft/thin paper items)
  • Food scraps
  • Coffee grounds/filters, tea bags
  • Chopsticks, wooden stir sticks, popsicle sticks
  • Plants, soil
  • Some take-out food containers (check the label)

Green Bin Tips:
✔️ Pour out liquids into the drain from cups and containers
✔️ Take time to read the packaging to see if it is a compostable material
✔️ Try to avoid placing sharp materials or containers that could rip the green waste bags (try wrapping chopsticks within your used tissues or place within folded paper plates and cups)

Sorting Stations

For any items that may not belong in the blue or green bins, such as styrofoam and glass, you can find a landfill bin at any of the five sorting stations around the school.

Other Recyclable Items

✔️Batteries – Bring them to the front office for recycling.
✔️Felt markers, and pens – Bring them to the recycling bins in the Art room/studio