CAS Club Feature: The Muslim Student Association

The journey of the MSA began when Hassan E. (Grade 7) explored CAS options but found none specifically catering to Muslims. In his Grade 9 year, joined by three loyal friends - Amaryan Q., Sarim K., and Hasaan S. - they rallied Kevin C. and Ronic B., to officially form the Muslim Student Associaiton. They opened up the club for both Muslim and non-Muslim students.

The motivation behind starting the MSA was simple yet profound: a desire to share the Muslim culture with others and promote understanding within the school community. Doing charitable work and encouraging interfaith dialogue were the key cornerstones of their project. For example, as Ramadan approaches, the association hopes to share information about fasting in various faiths, furthering their mission of inclusivity and compassion.

A typical meeting of the MSA involves collaborative planning and reflection. From discussing past achievements to organizing educational campaigns and cultural sharing sessions where each member takes the opportunity to share something important or fun about their culture, each meeting is an opportunity for growth and community engagement. For the members of the MSA, the association represents more than just a club—it's a source of pride and purpose. From the joy of successful fundraising efforts to the friendships formed during meetings, each moment is memorable.

Inspired by the idea of giving back, they collected donations at the Abbotsford mosque, where they raised over $2,100 for the Muslim Food Bank, addressing a critical need in the community.

Looking towards the future, the MSA envisions expansion and continuity. With hopes for Term 3 and beyond, they aspire to transform the association into a permanent after-school club, welcoming students of all backgrounds to participate and contribute.