CAS Club Focus: Podcast Club

The podcast club is one of our CAS offerings where students work together to create Gryphon Radio. Students script, record, edit and compose podcast episodes covering news within the Meadowridge community. Students use digital tools like Soundtrap and Anchor to record and create their content and share with the wider community. We sat down with Hadia M. (Grade 7) to learn about her experience in the Podcast Club so far.

Listen to the Gryphon Radio Podcast →

Why did you decide to join the podcast club?

I really like podcasting; I enjoy talking to and helping others. After being a member of the Podcast Club in Term 2, I decided to rejoin in Term 3 after having such a great experience.

What does a typical meeting of the Podcast club look like?

We start off working as a group, discussing different topics and ideas of what to incorporate in the next podcast. We have to ensure that it is fun to listen to, but we have the freedom to discuss whatever topics we like. We then break into smaller groups, in pairs, or by ourselves where we finalize our topic such as sports or current events. Next, we create our script and then can record our podcast using microphones that were purchased from the Annual Fund. Having microphones helps us create more podcasts. The club is growing, and these microphones will help us increase the number of podcasts we can create.

Podcast club working on their laptops

Why should students join the Podcast Club?

We have so much fun in our weekly meetings. We get to work with so many people which allows us to create new friendships. Creating a podcast can be so much fun and I always look forward to recording our podcasts. I just think this club is so great. If you haven’t tried it, just do it. What does this club mean to you? To me, this club means everything. I really enjoy it and it brings me a lot of joy. When I first signed up, I was skeptical and unsure of my decision. I was known for being quite shy, especially in front of the camera. The podcast club has helped me become more confident and has improved my presentation skills.

How often does the club meet?

We meet weekly on Wednesdays during the CAS club block.

What is your favourite memory from the Podcast club so far?

I was able to interview Mr. Rinn and, after interviewing him, we got to discuss things that I never knew about him. It was so interesting getting to learn more about him and his life.