CAS Club Feature: The Rock Painting Club
Meadowridge Rock Painting Club together outside the Meadowridge School front entrance

After joining the Rock Mandala club when she was in Grade 6, Ainsley M. (Grade 11) was inspired to start her own Rock Painting Club for her CAS Club Requirements this year. With the club winding down, we sat down with Ainsley to learn more about what the club has been up to, and what a typical meeting looks like for members.

Tell me about the Rock Painting club.

In Grade 6, the first CAS club I ever joined was a rock painting club and it was really relaxing and fun. During the pandemic, painting on rocks was a way to send messages and spread happiness around the school. I thought it would be a great idea to start the club this year and we could continue to spread happiness and kindness all around campus through rocks. This is the first term having the rock painting club in quite some time and this is my first time running a CAS Club.

Why did you start this club?

I started this club because I am passionate about art. I knew that I wanted to run a CAS club this year and that I wanted the focus of the club to be on art. I decided to run this club for middle school students because I enjoy working with students who are younger than me.

What does a typical meeting of the Rock Painting club look like? What sorts of activities are involved?

We meet weekly during the CAS Club block and we paint rocks following different themes. We have done Orange Shirt Day, Rainbow Day, Halloween, and a few others like paint your favourite animal, etc. Before each meeting, I would gather and collect rocks and students one each week to paint on.

Do you have a specific role within the club?

I lead this club. I make demo rocks to inspire students with and share so they have an idea of what to paint. I set up, come up with the themes and guidelines for each project, and inspire students to be creative.

Why should students join the Rock Painting club?

It is fun, it is relaxing. It gives you a way to express your creativity, but it also allows you to spread some joy and happiness in the community with your beautifully painted rock.

What does this club mean to you?

With it being the first club, I joined in Grade 6, it feels full circle. It makes me feel fulfilled to be able to give back and inspire the community with our rocks. 

What is your favourite memory from the Photography club so far?

I really like the Mandalas from the beginning – the students picked colour theme and created mandala on their rocks.