From our Director of Teaching and Learning

From Our Director of Teaching and Learning

The Educational Leadership Team (or, ELT as they’re more commonly known) had three main goals while developing the At-Home Learning Program: to engage students in learning, to maintain strong connections and relationships, and to continuously monitor the health and wellbeing of the community. For a Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 school, meeting these goals looks a little different in every grade, in every class, and for every student. “We’re trying to be flexible, but also provide structure,” Director of Teaching and Learning Mr. Terry Donaldson explains.

Working together, the team has found ways to not only continue learning, but to keep the structures, routines and relationships which help students thrive. “The more we can connect students with regular features of school life the better,” Mr. Donaldson explains, “that is why we have initiatives not only from the children’s’ teachers, but from all parts of life at school.” Learning continues, as does student life, athletics, clubs, outdoor education, and all else. All the while, students keep connected with their homeroom teachers, their specialty teachers, their coaches, their advisors, their post-secondary counsellors, and with each other.

“School is about learning in a community,” Mr. Donaldson concludes.

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