Grade 6 & 7 Students Capture A Historic Moment

At-home learning has taken creativity, care, and – as we adapt to new technologies and tools and ways of doing things – a bit of risk-taking as well. Our teachers have embraced the challenge, even re-shaping activities and lessons to accommodate this unique time in our world.

“The kids understand they are living through history—” MYP Teacher Ms. Anne Bolyard explains of this, “they know they’re living through a time that will eventually make it into the textbooks of their own children.” Noticing students’ curiosity and recognizing the unique opportunity before her, Ms. Bolyard added a new activity to her Design 6 and 7 curriculum: time capsules.

Students began by researching famous time capsules, their contents, and where and when they were opened. What they found was “really interesting,” explains Ms. Bolyard. Capsules like the Century Safe, the State House’s, and Paul Revere’s were all explored, offering inspiration for the class of budding historians. Students shared their findings in a presentation and, from their research, explained the inspiration and ideas for the capsules they would create at home.

Ms. Bolyard had students write a diary for two weeks and write a letter to their future Grade 12 selves, but were otherwise free to add in what they liked. Students put in pictures, USB’s with music, newspaper articles, drawings, masks, and rubber gloves – some even put in empty toilet paper rolls! 


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