Gryphons of the Month: June 2021

Our students have so many amazing stories to share. The Meadowridge Awards and Recognition Committee, wanted to begin a new section in the e-Gryphon. Each month we have asked teachers and our Middle and High School students to nominate a student who has demonstrated a learner profile characteristic in a memorable and inspiring way.

We will highlight one student from Elementary, Middle and High School each month. It is our hope that, as a community, we hear the “stories of our students”.

Naomi, Miffy, and Aaron are caring.

Three Grade 4 students turn learning in to action and inspire their peers.

Action is inspired by all sorts of things and carried out in all sorts of ways. Naomi, Miffy and Aaron are three Grade 4 students who, inspired by their learning in class, took action for reasons and in ways unique to them. Following their classes’ ‘Build A Wall Against Hunger’ campaign, the trio found their own ways to keep the action going. Naomi raised money for the World Wildlife Federation with a painted rock fundraiser, while Miffy raised money for the Friends In Need Foodbank by sewing and selling masks. Aaron, meanwhile, handcrafted Harry Potter wands to raise money for BC Children’s Hopsital. These inspiring acts created a ripple effect, inspiring many of their peers to also act. Twenty-five Grade 4 students found causes to support and creative ways to help. Students handcrafted everything from scarves and jewlery to bookmarks and cards and sold them at a marketplace that has now raised over $900.

What does caring mean to Naomi?

"Caring means making the world a better place. When I hear caring, I hear helping."  

What does caring mean to Miffy?

"Caring means trying your best to get others what they need. I always think that I can at least help a little bit, by taking my own action to make a difference and help."  

What does caring mean to Aaron?

"Carying is trying your best to help other people and make the school a better place."  



Aneet is caring.

One Grade 8 student uses her talent to make change

Aneet, Aasha and Abigal are three Grade 8 students who have been taking significant action since the start of the year. Together, they broached a delicate but important topic with their peers: the Black Lives Matter movement. What started as a bulletin board commemorating and celebrating Black history has now morphed into a series of initiatives and action taken by the trio, including – come fall of next year – an advisory curriculum. A talented public speaker, Aneet added to the momentum by speaking at assemblies and sharing responsible ways for bystanders to act. Racism, the Grade 8 student shares, “happens quickly” and admits it can be easy to “freeze up.” To prepare her peers, she facilitated different scenarios and offered advice for both quiet and more vocal bystanders. “I know there are lots of horrible things going on in the world, but racism like this has been going on for over 400 years,” Aneet shares of her motivation, “and it’s not going to go away until we do something to stop it."

What does being caring mean to Aneet?

"Caring isn’t just saying ‘I care’ it’s showing you care by taking action. Actions speak louder than words, and it’s important to help and get involved. There are so many ways to get involved, so find a way that interests you."



Ellie is caring.

A Grade 9 student shows compassion and care at home, at school, and in their neighbourhood.

Noticing some of their neighbours spending more and more time alone, Ellie decided to visit and spend some time with them. This small act of care has started a string of new friendships for Ellie, who now visits their new friends to enjoy a cup of coffee, play cards and tackle puzzles whenever they can. When it snows, they even shovel their driveways. “I just want to be there for them” Ellie nods. This care has also trickled into their life at school. If they see someone crying in the hallway or looking down, they always check-in. “I don’t need to know what happened,” Ellie explains, “I just have to be there for them.” They help them with breathing exercises (a skill they picked up on their own) or just by listening. They credit this compassion and care to different role models and experiences they had growing up. Ellie has volunteered with community theatre for seven years, babysat kids in their neighbourhood and has been inspired by their own babysitter too. All these role models and experiences have added up and been the source of inspiration for whom Ellie hopes to be. Caring, the young learner explains, takes being open-minded. “You need to recognize people’s needs beyond your own.”

What does being caring mean to Ellie?

"Being caring is being there for someone when no one else is, and it’s understanding what they’re going through without needing an explanation. If someone is very upset, you shouldn’t need to know why, you should just know you should be there to help them and calm them down."