Gryphons of the Month: March 2023

Our students have so many amazing stories to share. The Meadowridge Awards and Recognition Committee want to recognize the work of our incredible students. Each month, teachers in Elementary, Middle, and High School nominate a student who has demonstrated characteristics of the learner profiles in a memorable and inspiring way. Through our Gryphons of the Month, it’s our hope that, as a community, we hear the “stories of our students.”


Molly is caring

A Grade 4 learner paints a picture of what it means to be caring.

Molly's painting of an underwater scene with whale, fish, jelly fish, and a mermaid

When Molly N. heard about the Children Support Children’s charity art event, she knew she had to be a part of it. She had very little time to create her art piece, but she was determined to get it done on time and to do a good job because she knew her art would be supporting the BC Children’s Hospital.

“I really wanted to make sure my painting sold, so I worked hard on it and put all my spare time into this project. BC Children’s Hospital is where I was born and they took care of my mom and me, so I wanted to give back to them by donating my art to this event,” says Molly.

Molly managed to pull off an impressive piece for the showcase. Her whimsical marine masterpiece, Underwater Time, was the first portrait to sell during the event!

“I was happy and excited when my painting sold so quickly. I realized my passion for art can help me express my emotions and they can also do something important, like help others,” Molly added.

Altogether, the event raised over $7,000 for BC Children’s Hospital.

By harnessing her artistic abilities and tying them to her personal intentions of thinking of other children, Molly has demonstrated that she is caring and thoughtful.

What does it mean to Molly to be caring?
"It means thinking of others. Caring for others fills me up with happiness and makes me feel like I have a purpose. I want to be someone who helps to solve other people’s problems using my creativity."


Lynsday is caring, principled, and balanced

A Grade 6 learner teaches us a lesson about giving back to the community. 

This past winter break, Lyndsay F. dedicated her spare time to crocheting a toque for someone in need. When she told her family that she wanted to donate it, her family loved the idea and together, they planned to support those experiencing homelessness in Maple Ridge.

“We are all very privileged and it’s nice to give back as much as we can,” says Lyndsay.

As a family, they began putting together care packages, each containing food, water, socks, and a toque. The recipients of the packages were extremely grateful and helping the community brought Lyndsay’s family closer together.

“It was a good family experience. We enjoyed doing it together, so we’re going to make it an annual tradition to help the community.”

Through her caring ideas, Lyndsay has displayed her balanced and principled beliefs in supporting her local community.

What does it mean to Lynsday to be caring, principled, and balanced?
"Being caring means being thoughtful and thinking of others. When we help those who need it respectfully and do what is right, we are being principled. To be balanced means making sure you divide your time and what you’re capable of doing properly so that you have time for yourself, school, sports and exercise, and getting good rest."


Christina is a communicator, caring, and a risk-taker

A Grade 11 learner harnesses the power of dance to foster diversity.

As an experienced dancer, Christina S. knows the influence a captivating performance holds on an audience. This year at the Lunar New Year Assembly, she led and choreographed not one, but two outstanding performances – her infamous Dragon Dance, performed by Middle School students, and the Celadon Catwalk designed for High School students, a recent addition to her repertoire of mesmerizing routines. For Christina, these performances are a unique way to show the skills of our diverse students.

“Incorporating students of various grade levels is crucial as it adds a dynamic element to the performance by showcasing movements from different levels. It highlights how younger students perform just as well as older students, who show their enthusiasm, while older students demonstrate their maturity and elegance, reflecting the beauty and uniqueness of the performance,” explains Christina.

With her interest to integrate Eastern and Western cultures, the Celadon Catwalk was inspired by her interest to integrate Eastern and Western cultures, showcasing the unique backgrounds, cultures, and diversity of each student within the group. Her notable Dragon Dance Club and their dance routine celebrates traditional Chinese Dance.

By gaining a deep understanding of each group member’s needs and showcasing their diversity and talents in front of large audiences, Christina has shown she is a caring communicator and a bold risk-taker

What does it mean to Christina to be a communicator, caring, and a risk-taker?
"I believe that a good communicator should possess the ability to understand and respect diverse viewpoints and employ a compelling and informed approach to establish trust and comprehension. It could be an opinion or an idea, or even a rebuttal. Being caring means offering support and assistance when someone is needed, even when they don’t explicitly voice their needs, but being able to sense each person’s emotions and give them the help they need is vital. For instance, offer breaks or go over the movements again at a slower pace so that everyone can keep up or be open to ideas, etc. For me, risk-taking is not just about me daring to take risks and try new things, but being motivated and leading a team beyond the limits."