Gryphons of the Month: November 2023

Our students have so many amazing stories to share. The Meadowridge Awards and Recognition Committee want to recognize the work of our incredible students. Each month, teachers in Elementary, Middle, and High School nominate students who have demonstrated characteristics of the Learner Profiles in a memorable and inspiring way. Through our Gryphons of the Month, it’s our hope that, as a community, we hear the “stories of our students.”

Maya S. (Grade 6) joins a cause, and empowers those around her

With an unwavering commitment to empowerment and positive change, it’s no surprise that Maya has taken her journey beyond the confines of the classroom. Her enthusiasm for change and unwavering commitment to empowering those around her are truly remarkable. 

Maya's journey of service and social advocacy began with the Evergreen Foundation BC, a youth-centered organization with a mission to inspire informed and engaged young leaders driving progressive change. Eager to make a difference, Maya, along with her brother and friends, decided to join the cause. Though it was her first foray into volunteering, it won’t be her last. Inspired by the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, Maya took a bold step to address the issue of the "Pink Tax," which highlights how similar products marketed to women are priced higher than those marketed to men. Maya, using her well-honed communication skills, organized a fundraiser with her group to sell pink lemonade to raise awareness and funds for the Vancouver East Side Women's Shelter. The campaign didn't stop at lemonade stands; they also developed an online petition to spread awareness through posters and brochures. Maya's unwavering determination showcased her genuine care for the well-being of others. Maya hopes to continue her volunteer work next summer, striving to make an even greater impact. 

"I feel so honored to be chosen as a Gryphon of the month and to have the opportunity to share what I did this summer." Maya's journey of service and leadership exemplifies the spirit of communication, care, and community engagement, leaving an indelible mark on all those fortunate enough to know her. 


Candice C. (Grade 3) cares through volunteering and brings joy to others

Candice's journey into the world of percussion began at the tender age of five, a spark ignited by the enchanting sounds of the Chinese five-note drums. This year, her curiosity transformed her into a dedicated learner, drawn to the special timbre and unique rhythms these drums could produce. 

In her early days, Candice was just a humble beginner, a risk-taker ready to embrace the challenge of mastering the art of percussion. She practices diligently, showing courage and poise even when performing on grand stages in front of hundreds of people. Candice understands that being a risk-taker means keeping calm, even in the face of a large audience, to perfect her drumming without nerves holding her back. But Candice isn’t just a performer; she is also a caring individual with a desire to bring joy to others. As a volunteer, she shares her percussion skills at community events in Burnaby and Coquitlam, and even at a local nursing home. Playing for others makes her and her audiences feel happy, a testament to her caring spirit.   

As an inquirer, Candice was curious about the Chinese five-note drums, exploring the unique rhythm and sounds they could create. She showed balance by maintaining her commitment to her craft, practicing daily all while juggling the demands of school and other commitments. Candice's journey in percussion isn't just about mastering the rhythms; it is also about embracing the spirit of the gryphon, demonstrating tenacity, courage, and focus in every beat she plays. 


Zahrah P. (Grade 12) steps into the unknown and take risks with self-confidence

Zahrah's journey into the captivating world of makeup commenced during her childhood, shaped by the artistry displayed by her sisters, particularly her eldest, a skilled makeup artist. With an innate love for cosmetics and a growing passion for the transformative power of makeup, Zahrah's artistic journey began to unfold.   

The turning point in Zahrah's makeup journey occurred during her sister's summer wedding. Her self-applied makeup caught the discerning eye of her mother's makeup artist, a seasoned professional in the film industry. Recognizing Zahrah's talent, the artist suggested she explore the world of high-stakes fashion at Vancouver Fashion Week. Intrigued by the prospect and driven by her aspirations for Business School, Zahrah decided to take the plunge. The road to Fashion Week demanded a portfolio, a challenge Zahrah faced head-on. Despite not having a formal collection, she ingeniously crafted a portfolio using old selfies showcasing her diverse makeup creations. This resourcefulness showcased Zahrah's ability to apply her existing knowledge, turning personal experiences into a compelling narrative for her resume. 

Arriving at Vancouver Fashion Week, Zahrah found herself surrounded by seasoned professionals, all significantly older and more educated in makeup. Intimidated initially, Zahrah faced the challenge head-on, trusting in her skills and self-taught expertise. Overcoming the initial shock, she evolved into a confident risk-taker, proud of her journey from a makeup enthusiast to a participant on a prestigious stage.   

Zahrah's story is not just about makeup; it's a testament to the application of existing knowledge in pursuing a passion beyond the classroom. Her willingness to step into the unknown, trust her abilities, and take risks showcases a profound sense of self-confidence. Zahrah's journey exemplifies the ethos of being knowledgeable and a risk-taker, qualities that ultimately earned her Gryphon of the Month