Happiness is our own responsibility

Social Emotional Learning

A life lesson of great value is that we are all responsible for our own happiness. While our interactions with life, and with others, may influence our emotions or mindset – we have more control than we know. Yet, to be more self-aware (of our thoughts and feelings in any given moment) is not always easy. We are pulled in so many directions and wind up getting lost in our thoughts and reactions.

Blaming others for our feelings isn’t all that useful. Plus, nobody has the power to make us feel any emotion – we react as we do to the influence of others. Some people spread negativity and we wind up feeling negative too – yet, we don’t have to! We get to choose whether we will take anyone’s words to heart. We even get to choose whether we spend time with certain people. When we make choices to better serve our own emotional and mental state, we are showing a great deal of care for ourselves.

Happiness does not mean ignoring ‘bad’ feelings like anger or sadness. Instead, the opposite is true: happiness will be reached, eventually, once you truly process your ‘bad’ feelings. We must sit with our emotions, recognize they exist, cry if we need to, write some thoughts down (it works), or chat with someone. Ignoring our feelings will merely push them down, but they will grow, and eventually they will rise to the surface again. So, feel all your feelings – and then they will pass.

Remember, we are all responsible for our own happiness. With mindful attention – you could choose to focus on the positive and to feel grateful (or greatful) for all that you have in life.


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Jodi Derkson, Social Emotional Learning Counselor/Coordinator