High School Students awarded The Duke of Edinburgh International Award

A big congratulations to ten of our dedicated Meadowridge Students who have been awarded The Duke of Edinburgh Award. By taking on the challenges of The Duke of Edinburgh program, these students have gained valuable and practical skills for career development, made an impact in the lives of others through community service, taken on the physically and emotionally demanding outdoor Adventurous Journeys through teamwork with their peers, and have become a part of an internationally recognized community.



Sarayu N. Ainsley M.
Julia Z. Alisha G.
Eva L. George T.
Hugh G. Mohith C.
Kaylyn B. Mackenzie H.

Meadowridge School is the largest award center with over 280 students enrolled in our Duke of Edinburgh (DoE) program which equips young people aged 14 to 25 with the skills, experience, and confidence to successfully navigate life in adulthood.

To learn more about Meadowridge School’s DoE program and how to get involved, visit the DoE webpage.

“Never in my life have I thought I would go on overnight camping trips and cook dinner in a stove with my friends, but since participating in the Duke of Edinburgh award, it has challenged me to participate in numerous activities that I wouldn’t have pursued otherwise and overall, shaped me into a more well-rounded person.” - Eva L.

“My DoE experience has been memorable, especially the Silver Adventurous Journey, which I planned and completed with a group of friends during the summer.” - Hugh G.

“Receiving this award means a lot because it's part of a prestigious organization. I also really enjoy it because it gives me an opportunity to do things I wouldn't normally get to do and it helps me bond with my peers.” - Mackenzie H.

“This award is a symbol of my hard work and well-roundedness. It's been a difficult experience, especially coordinating a camping trip, but overall it was really rewarding and fun. Next, I hope to pursue my gold-level award!” - Sarayu N.

“I'm grateful to have been given the opportunity to work toward this award. It provided me the opportunity to spend time on things I enjoy but also challenge myself with tasks like the adventurous journey.” - Kaylyn B.

“I feel very accomplished and more well-rounded to have achieved this award as it has provided me with real-life skills and experiences. I think that from this experience, I have been able to connect with more people in mentoring positions for the activities I like to do. I liked having goals for my activities that I could work on to continue to get better. For my Bronze, I learned to play hockey and use a digital camera, and for my Silver, I am working on different artistic service projects, including helping to paint the sets for the middle school play.” - Ainsley M.

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