Mrs. Nicholson Checks In, Chats With Students: What's It Like Being Back?

Dear PYP Families:

I hope you are well. It has been an exciting week as we welcomed students back to school. This month gives us an opportunity to develop and support both in-class and at-home programs.  I hope you and your family are adjusting well to the new schedule and routines.

As recommended, the children here at school are spending lots of time outside. As I passed them on the playground, I asked them a few questions and they had lots to share.

What are you enjoying about being back in school?

  • I love being with my friends
  • I get to see my friends in real life.
  • We get to go outside and have fun.
  • Being with my friends makes it easier to work.
  • I was lonely at home, but I am not at school.
  • I use the computer less now, so I get less headaches.
  • Doing my work on paper is easier.
  • I don’t’ have to do my work on Seesaw.
  • Having fresh air and not being at home a lot.
  • It is not boring
  • School is harder at home, so I like being here to learn.
  • I love the forest. It is so fun!
  • Laughing
  • The day feels shorter
  • Making a book together.
  • I get some time away from my brother
  • I like that there is no mute button at school.

What is challenging about being at school?

  • We wash our hands so much.
  • Social distancing is hard. 
  • We can’t play tag. 
  • We can’t share toys
  • There is no hugging
  • We can’t use the whole playground
  • Our parents can’t come in the school.
  • It is hard to get used to the changes

Many other schools in Canada haven’t opened yet.  Do you have any advice for them?

  • Use a pool noodle to show how to stay 2 metres apart.
  • Make sure the kids have friends in their group.
  • Separate the desks 2 metres apart.
  • You shouldn’t have carpet in the classroom.  It is hard to clean. 
  • Only invite ten students into a class each day.
  • Remind everyone there is no touching.
  • Give every class a playground space.
  • Go outside a lot.
  • Wash your hands a lot.
  • Keep hand cream in the classroom. Our hands get dry from all the washing.
  • Be happy with everyone together.
  • Make presents to welcome the students.
  • Learn, and wash hands. 

I always appreciate the genuine honesty of students. It is wonderful to be able to connect with them in person and virtually. I look forward to the day when we can all be together. 

Until then, take care of yourself and others.

Mrs. Nicholson

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