It’s all relative: Interdisciplinary Learning in Junior Kindergarten

Moms and dads, brothers and sisters, grandmas and grandpas, cats and dogs… lots of people (and pets!) make up our “families”.

Junior Kindergarten students have been exploring their own families and the families of their friends to learn all about different family structures, traditions, and beliefs.

To bring this learning to life, Junior Kindergarten teachers Ms. Kozol and Ms. Dyer planned a unique and interdisciplinary activity in which students not only explored and created plasticine versions of their families, but also – by making them into totem poles – explored Indigenous Ways of Knowing, too! To introduce this new concept, students gathered together during morning circle to read a book about a totem carver. And, after that, they got to work! As students took turns creating their totems, Ms. Kozol chatted with the students: “who is in your family?” “how many people are in your family?” This allowed students to speak, count, think and explore in lots of new ways.

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