New Home Language Books in the Library


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The Meadowridge Library received its largest, non-English book donation ever at the end of last year. Ms. Kristal Wang gifted the library 146 books following her daughter Ivy’s Primary Years Programme graduation. Written and illustrated in Chinese, the books were a welcome addition to the Library’s growing home language collection. With books in Spanish, Korean, Panjabi, Vietnamese and more, the collection serves our multicultural, multilingual community who come from around the world with different languages and cultures and histories and stories.



The Three Kingdoms for Young Readers
A 40-book collection illustrated with Chinese traditional ink painting

The Three Kingdoms has inspired many opera performances, TV shows, board games, and movies. With over 400 characters, the Three Kingdoms (《幼三国》) covers interesting and wonderful events, strategies, friendship, diplomacy, and warfare. They will immediately catch your attention and bring you back to all the classical stories by Luo Guanzhong (1280–1360). Many Fortune 500 companies have asked their senior executives to study these books! As picture books, the set is great for all ages and for families to enjoy traditional stories together.