Open Minded = Growth Mindset

Social Emotional Learning

December’s Learner Profile focus is OPEN-MINDED but what does it take to be open-minded? How can we observe our own thoughts and actions to determine if we are, in fact, open-minded? Are you the kind of person who quickly assesses a person or situation, without spending time to question your immediate assumptions?

The truth is that opening our mind can be uncomfortable!

It’s not easy to question our own understanding. Yet, when we do open ourselves up to the idea that our very first opinion may lack essential information, including varying perspectives, we are developing critical thinking skills and learning at a much deeper level.

  • Watch this video to better equip yourself to let go of the joy of being ‘right’ with the joy of learning what’s TRUE
  • The next step is to sit with yourself and breathe – and observe your thoughts. Are there any certainties you hold that are questionable? Have you recently made assumptions that proved to be incorrect? That’s okay!
  • Moving forward…try sitting and pausing as you find you are about to jump to a conclusion.  Grow curious and ask questions and be patient with yourself – the truth doesn’t always present itself right away.

BONUS: This practice will not only help you think more mindfully (calming you down) but it will help you to develop a GROWTH MINDSET.


Jodi Derkson, Social Emotional Learning Counselor/Coordinator