What does Orange Shirt Day mean to you?

We asked our Grade 5 class what Orange Shirt Day means to them.

Orange Shirt Day means bringing awareness and educating children about the intergenerational injustices, racism, and bullying towards Indigenous Peoples. Wearing an orange shirt helps to spread messages of hope and acceptance of all people and that every person matters! Mr. Diniz, Grade 5 Teacher

Orange Shirt Day is very important because it shows every child that they have a right to be who they are and to stand out. Aveen

Orange Shirt Day is a day we can show our respect for all the kids who have gone to residential schools, and remind ourselves that every child has a right to speak their feelings. Amelia



Orange Shirt Day is important because it shows it doesn’t matter what you look like – what matters is what is inside. Maddie

It means that you can be who you are and you have your own rights to do what you wish. Angela

Orange Shirt Day is making sure you believe in what you want to believe, not what other people tell you to. Everyone has their own rights. Aliyah

Orange Shirt Day means that it is okay to be different and it doesn’t matter where you’re from. It’s great to be yourself! James

Orange Shirt Day shows that all children from anywhere, wherever they come from, have a right to speak. All children have a right to be listened to and respected. Isabella

Orange Shirt Day means… it means being able to have freedom. Freedom so that we won’t have to experience what Phillis Webstad did. Dhanya

Orange Shirt Day means respecting people from different cultures. Cici

Orange Shirt Day means that everyone has a right to have an education and not be forced into something they don’t want to do. Leila

Orange Shirt Day means that all kids matter. Kids all have rights and the right to be leaders. George

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