What Can You Tell Me About Clubs at Meadowridge?

With full rosters of Robotics and Athletics teams at Meadowridge School—over 40 opportunities in all, available across the Continuum—the remaining club lineup is intentionally selective. “We play to our strengths,” Director of Student Life Mr. Charles Schofield explains.

Clubs are offered only if they can be best supported by the people and programs already in place. Quality is the priority, and many resources are put into the clubs that are offered. With a robust network of people, programs, and resources spanning the Continuum, Athletics and Robotics are two such examples. This approach not only ensures an alignment with school programs but also encourages families to find good programs outside of school. “We want students to develop new friendships and be involved with the community,” says Mr. Schofield.

Of course, new clubs are always welcome. Take the Meadowridge Orchestra Club, a most recent addition that was added to let musically talented students get together and play as a group. With a strong music program at the school and an undoubted demand, the club met the requirements and was given the go-ahead. For any new or third-party clubs, the process is the same, with an added interview where Mr. Schofield assesses values, instructors, and overall fit.

In addition to afterschool clubs, Meadowridge’s Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) block offers an additional range of experiences for Middle and High School students. While CAS is a requirement only in the Diploma Programme (DP), the program begins and is integrated throughout the Middle Years Programme (MYP) at our school. This intentional move ensures students have dedicated time at school to try a range of experiences, helping them find new passions, try new things, and be prepared for DP-level requirements later on.

With 25 options each term ranging from Introduction to Debate, Yoga, and Mountain Biking to Gardening and Chess, there is something for everyone. And, with all students involved, CAS also provides a great opportunity for cross-grade collaboration.

Integral to the CAS block system are student-led clubs, an important part of the program that lets students hone their leadership skills and share their talents and interests with others. A variety of successful student-led clubs are offered each term, including Taekwondo, Arts and Crafts, and 3D Rendering to name a few. For a student-led club to get started, the vetting process is much the same as any other club. Mr. Schofield works with interested students especially to guide focuses and outcomes. Every club at Meadowridge is expected to have a tangible outcome, benefiting or involving others. In the past, students have created display boards, spoken at assemblies, published work, or attended competitions.

Thoughtfully planned, balanced, and well-rounded, Meadowridge School Clubs are a great way to get involved, hone an existing skill or discover a new one—there’s something for everyone!