Why we donated our MEID

Did you know that you can donate all or a portion of your MEID to Meadowridge School?

Newly admitted families often make their first gift this way and many of our graduating families have generously gave from their MEID.

Below, two of our graduating families tell us why they decided to donate their MEID.

The Zhang & Zhao Family

How has it felt watching Bella grow up at the school?

“Change” is the word I would use. When Bella came to Meadowridge in Grade 6, she was a shy and introverted little girl, but she has grown up to become very confident. During her six years at Meadowridge, Bella has learned a lot and the depth and breadth of her studies have been outstanding. More than her knowledge, Bella has also grown to become caring, organized, well-planned and diligent. We know the teachers have played a big part in shaping Bella, and we are very grateful!

What inspired you to donate your MEID to the Annual Fund?

Our family wants to support Meadowridge to become the best school. We hope to grow the school’s facilities so that more children can benefit from it. Meadowridge School is a competitive, well-known Independent school and we hope our donation will help it become the first choice for families and attract and retain great talents.

Do you have anything to say to the school?

Meadowridge’s teachers and staff – and parents! – are very friendly and nice. This is a harmonious family to us, and we wish our school will only do better and better and our children will grow up to be happy and healthy and realize their dreams.


The Wong Family

How has it felt watching Noah and Cassidy grow up at the school?

I toured Meadowridge School when Noah was about two, and then again when he was three. We always planned for Noah to attend Meadowridge, but assumed he would start in Grade 3. Well, with the abrupt closing of his old school, Noah – along with eleven of his classmates – arrived at Meadowridge midyear in January. I will never forget how welcoming the school and staff were, even giving up the staffroom so it could become a makeshift classroom that first year. It was a rocky start as we adjusted, but Grade 2 was much better and Noah soon felt like he belonged and flourished. I watched Noah grow and mature through those first years, and remember in Grade 5 when he would confidently walk his sister, Cassidy, to the Kindergarten class from the bus each day. The Middle Years and Diploma Programme at Meadowridge were the perfect fit for Noah’s personality and learning style. The ability for him to also experience Model UN, Student Council, Musicals, Fencing and Basketball have been springboards to outside opportunities that have stretched Noah and build his resiliency.

What inspired you to donate your MEID to the Audacity Campaign?

The school community has done so much for my family, so donating my MEID has always been in the back of my mind. The school finished the expansion of the Theatre and Gym when we started, and the DP addition was completed just in time for Noah to experience. I believe we need to pay it forward, no matter how small the contribution, for the next generation of students. The Burke Hall is a building I look forward to seeing in the future. As much as I have enjoyed Space Nights, plays and musicals in the current Theatre, I look forward to when we have the ample seating and enhanced lighting and sound equipment in the new Burke Hall.

What are you most excited for when it comes to the campus expansion?

Who would have thought 35 years ago that a group of Parents with a few trailers and small buildings would be the blueprint for what Meadowridge has, and will continue, to become.  Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this inspiring story?


Interested in donating your MEID? Fill out the online form here or contact Ms. Danielle Christensen at danielle.christensen@meadowridge.bc.ca.