Why We Give: $100,000 From Fay & Johnson to Build a Better and Brighter Future

Philanthropy is at the heart of who we are in the Meadowridge Community. All we do, we do for the students and members of the community. For parents, Fay and Johnson, their generosity over the years have made a remarkable impact on the programs and the transformation of the campus. Today, we celebrate their incredible gifts of nearly $100,000 to the Audacity Campaign! 

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From naming a classroom in the High School Complex to a tremendous donation to the highly anticipated, future Burke Hall and Business Centre, their kindness and dedication to education and community will always be felt as we walk through the halls.    

Why did your family choose Meadowridge School? 

Originally because of convenience, Meadowridge is the closest and first choice of Independent School for families living in the Tri-city. After we were introduced to Meadowridge’s IB program, it has strengthened our belief that Meadowridge was a good fit for our family's educational philosophy for children.  

What have been the biggest changes you’ve noticed in your daughter over the last five years? 

My daughter has been studying at Meadowridge since Grade 5. Her smooth and efficient transition from public school to Meadowridge was astonishing. She has also developed herself at Meadowridge in a balanced way – academically, physically, and hands-on, to name a few. She is now an independent thinker with keen observation and expression skills. She is more optimistic, confident, friendly, and firm. We are thrilled to see the growth and changes in her by attending Meadowridge.  

What is your family's philosophy when it comes to giving? 

The consensus between my husband and I is that money should be earned through hard work and managed meaningfully. People are just money holders in their lifetime, more or less. How to use it to make it more meaningful is the goal that needs to be thought about. We educate our children not to waste money, to make the best use of everything, and not to chase after luxury brands. We educate them to take care of the environment we live in, respect others’ efforts, support the less fortunate, and assist whenever we are able to. The pleasure of using money this way is more meaningful than simply spending it. 

What inspired you to give to the High School Complex? 

It is very meaningful to gradually build a more complete and healthy learning environment for children. Little by little improvements will help build a better and brighter future. Every child is the hope of each family and the future of our society. We are honoured to be part of the Audacity Campaign and that’s why we gave to the High School Complex.  

What motivated you to make another generous gift to Burke Hall? 

Mr. Burke is a very admirable person who dedicated 21 years to Meadowridge until his retirement. Under his leadership, he has led Meadowridge into what it is today. He is greatly loved by the community and a symbol of Meadowridge’s cohesion. We are very supportive of building a Great Hall named after him at the school to express everyone's gratitude and love for all his contributions and to let future students and family members know his story. 

What are you most excited about when it comes to campus expansion? 

Meadowridge urgently needs a more spacious and bright library, which can store more books and accommodate more students to study after school. A professional recording studio can improve the recording conditions for students who love music and help them create better projects. Also, a future professional stage which will make every performance more exciting, and we are looking forward to all of it! 

Do you have any words of encouragement for the community to inspire them to give? 

We are all part of the Meadowridge family. We chose Meadowridge because it met our expectations in terms of its Philosophy and dedication to provide superior education. The reason we have the current Meadowridge is because of the contribution and dedication of the generations of past families. We expect the School to be better, just as we expect our children to keep developing. What we do now together for the School will affect our children's future contribution in society when they become adults, filled with joy and gratitude. 


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