Why We Have Pro-D Days

For most students, when they think of a Pro-D Day, they think “no school!” But when students are sleeping in, enjoying some free time to catch up on homework, or spending their day off with friends or family, teachers and staff still come to school!

During Pro-D Days, teachers and staff become the students and use this time for professional development (Pro-D). Faculty come together to develop their abilities, learn new skills and teaching methods for the classroom, and are guided by educational experts.

Ultimately, the learning outcomes for faculty from Pro-D Days support student success by enhancing teaching and learning.

The Meadowridge community is comprised of many life-long learners, both children, and adults. Pro-D days are vital for teachers to grow and learn alongside students. These are the days when teachers spend focused time ensuring that promising practices are brought back to classrooms.” - Mr. Terry Donaldson, Deputy Head of School

What do teachers learn?

Pro-D learning outcomes and topics vary each time. Here are just a few examples of course topics our teachers learn:

  • Indigenous Education
  • Mental wellness in the classroom
  • Empowering Students
  • Innovating Teaching