Student-initiated, community supported: Meadowridge raises $790 for Child Haven International!

When the Meadowridge Child Haven Dinner – an annual, student-initiated event in support of Child Haven International – was cancelled in the wake of the pandemic, students had to find new ways to support the important cause.

The Student Athletic Advisory Committee decided to host a fundraiser, asking for small donations from anyone who chose to register for our free Spring Break Basketball Camps. With an initial goal of $450, the Committee was overwhelmed by the amazing support shown by our community. Together, we were able to donate $790 in support of Child Haven International, helping them to purchase sports equipment for their schools in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.


Here's what Robin Cappuccino, founder of Child Haven International, had to say:

Thanks so much for this wonderful donation for sports equipment at our Child Haven International Children's Homes!  As has been the case here in Canada, the coronavirus pandemic has closed down schools, and severely limited the opportunities for our children and young people to leave their compounds. While most of our Homes have had remote learning set-ups, they do not last the whole school-day. As you can imagine, with less school time, there has been a whole lot more sports and group activities happening at the Homes. Your generous contribution will make it possible to replenish and add to our collection of cricket bats and balls, soccer balls, hula-hoops, hacky sacks, jump ropes, volley-ball nets and the like for the 1,300 children in our Children's Homes in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. We are once again most grateful to the Meadowridge School community for your thoughtful consideration of the formerly destitute children who, with your help, are now receiving loving care in our Homes. 

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