Math Peer-Tutoring Program

New to Meadowridge this year, Ms. O’Regan and a group of High School students started a Math Peer Tutoring Program. The High School students earn service hours by volunteering to tutor Grade 3 to 11 students in math.

There are two models currently available:

  • Some tutors work one-on-one with a single student, whom they meet regularly. The classroom teacher indicates the need or desire for a peer tutor and Ms. O’Regan assigns a willing high school peer tutor.
  • The other method is the drop-in center. Ms. O’Regan is in her classroom Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after school from 3:45pm to 5:00pm, with a group of high school students who are ready and available to answer questions from anyone who drops in for help. This tends to be a very popular service, especially before tests, but can be quiet at times too.

The reception from students has been so positive and they are looking to expand in the future. We sat down with a few of the amazing tutors to learn more about this program.

Julia Z. (Grade 11)

Sophie C. (Grade 9)

Amy X. (Grade 10)